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Need some style inspiration? We’ve got 10 fashion-savvy style bloggers who are worth checking out.

Photo: Tiffany Battle of The Werk! Place

The days of relying solely on fashion houses, magazines, and celebrities for style inspiration are over. Thanks to the recent surge in fashion bloggers, you can now turn to the Internet for help updating your wardrobe or using items in your closet in ways you’d have never thought to try—who knew mixing leopard print flats with a checkered print blouse and denim jeans could be so chic?

Of course, there are thousands of blogs out there to scroll through. But for a blogger to truly stand out from the fashionable crowd, they’ve got to offer something out of the norm. Unique style, a clean site layout, gorgeous photos, and thoughtful posts on fashion, interior design, and beauty will ensure that readers hit the “follow” button.

We at mater mea understand time is of the essence, so we’ve done the legwork for you. These 10 women not only turn heads; they’re setting style standards online. Add them to your RSS feeds; follow them on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram; and perhaps take a style tip or two from these stylish women.

Cheap But Chic

Eager to share her love of thrifting, Tabitha Sewer created Cheap But Chic to showcase her fabulous finds and how she incorporates them into her wardrobe. Cheap but Chic is filled with her custom remakes of the latest fashion trends, such as African print rompers and midi circle skirts—or modern fitted shifts made from second-hand dresses. If you don’t have a sewing machine, grab one so you can sew along with Sewer on her YouTube channel where she shares tips and tricks on her and her adorable kids’ (5-year-old Alana and 2-year-old Tyler) do-it-yourself style. Bonus: Sewer took up sewing to transform some of those thrifted items and later co-founded Pretty Girls Sew, a website that inspires other women to sew and show off their handmade garments.


The Baby Shopaholic

Though Chicago native and self-proclaimed shopaholic Trina Small calls Atlanta home these days, her love of fashion is on full display to the world via her blog The Baby Shopaholic. “Being fab has no starting age,” Small writes, and the cuteness is on overload as her 4-year-old daughter Peyton, a fashionista in the making, gets her share of face time. (Turbans, sparkly sneakers, button-down shirts, and patterned bottoms fill her wardrobe.) Always sure to complement her daughter’s style, Small dazzles in maxi dresses, eye-catching pumps or ankle boots, and accessories to match. The Baby Shopaholic doesn’t stop at fashion; tips on the latest beauty products like derma cooling masks and mouthwatering low-calorie recipes round out her blog.

Be Loud Be You Blog

Be Loud Be You

Edginess and femininity are served up effortlessly on Be Loud Be You, where DMV (that’s District-Maryland-Virginia) native and mom of one Krystin Hargrove turns heads with her bottle-blonde hair. Perfectly structured vintage pieces that hang beautifully from her modelesque frame are this blogger’s go-to. She makes everyday excursions like shopping for healthy eats, grabbing brunch with friends, or soaking up the tunes at an outdoor music festival an excuse to turn the world into her runway. “For me, a woman [whose] style is versatile says she’s confident and sure of herself no matter what she’s wearing,” Hargrove writes on the site. “I like to think I’m like that!” She definitely is.

Mattieologie Blog


Former Miss Liberia USA and mama-to-be Mattie James of Mattieologie is no stranger to the world of beauty and fashion. Hosting clothing store openings, sharing fashion and beauty tips, and moonlighting as the style editor for Cocoa Fab are just a few of the hats she wears. Her welcoming smile and expansive style knowledge makes her blog a treasure to follow. The Atlanta-based blogger drops how-did-we-live-without-this? gems like how to make your lipstick last longer, buy fresh flowers for cheap, keep your clothes looking new, and have a kick-ass Pinterest page.

ChicNaturalistas Blog


When she’s not doting over her 11-month-old daughter Aria, Dayna Nichole, the co-founder of ChicNautralistas, is celebrating women with kinky and curly hair who take risks with their style. Founded with her “curlfriend” Brittany Danielle, it’s a place “where fashion and fros collide.” The blog’s mission is to uplift other chic naturals. You’re bound to be inspired by their “Chic Trips” posts, detailing the outfits they wear on weekend excursions to Las Vegas, New York City, or Virginia Beach, Virginia. Staying true to their mission of celebrating other naturals, the “Chic of the Week” features stylish women as they share their daily hair regimens and the motivation behind their fashion choices. And the aptly named “About My Fro” section provides readers with tips and tricks on styling their hair along with the best products to keep it healthy, moisturized, and head-turning.

Claire Sulmers of The Fashion Bomb Daily

The Fashion Bomb Daily/The Bomb Life

Who wouldn’t love to live a day in the life of Claire Sulmers, the ever fab editor-in-chief of The Fashion Bomb Daily? In the meantime, we’ll have to settle for peeking in via her personal blog The Bomb Life. There you’ll find pictures of her jet-setting to fashion events across the world while hobnobbing with celebrities like Jennifer Hudson at their birthday parties. When she’s not living the life, you can find her cranking out informative posts on TFBD, sharing budget-friendly alternatives to high-end celebrity style or choosing the oft-coveted “Fashion Bomb of the Day” to display her readers‘ personal styles.

The Werk Place Blog

The Werk! Place

Tiffany Battle, the face behind The Werk! Place, has a girl-next-door appeal with a remarkable fashion sense and style to die for. Mixing prints, layering, and pairing high- and low-end items are her forte. Based in Arizona, this engineer by trade can make paper bags look couture by adding a statement necklace and a pair of Sophia Webster chisel-cut pumps. And Battle doesn’t stop at just choosing the right outfit to showcase her outfits; the backdrops of hay fields and dilapidated school buses for her photo shoots seem perfectly chosen to accent them. In addition to her keen eye for fashion, she also shares tips for shopping fast fashion or catching the hottest online sales.

Style Pantry Blog

Style Pantry

Folakel Huntoon’s shoe collection alone can give you fleeting thoughts of orchestrating a closet raid. This curly-haired queen of boho chic style manages to make jeans, a T-shirt, and pumps look ultra-glam. The mom of three is the face behind Los Angeles-based Style Pantry, a great blog that shows how to turn daytime looks into happy hour-perfect outfits.

Simply Cyn

Simply Cyn

Cynthia of Simply Cyn—formally known as Addicted to Etsy—has a childlike aura that gives off a warm and fuzzy feeling. Always flashing her pearly whites and curly hair, it’s hard to imagine her ever having a bad day. That could be because of her travels: While she’s based in New York City, she’s often globetrotting across Europe, Canada, and the Middle East. Her style grabs inspiration from her travels and combines them effortlessly—her ability to pair richly pigmented clothes reminiscent of the markets in Dubai with metallic-toned oxfords snatched from London is something to behold.

Fashion Pastry

Fashion Pastry

Being based in one of the most breathtaking fashion capitals in the world gives Parisian blogger Teekay—a play on her initials—an unfair advantage. But we don’t mind: It makes her followers eager to see what adventures she has in store on her blog Fashion Pastry, titled to convey her epicurean nature and love of style. Her outfits reflect the laid-back, romantic feel of the City of Love, and she also shares recipes to try at home, making it even easier for us to live vicariously through her très chic life.

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