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Jodie Patterson kissed by her 2 children

mater mea helps Black moms get the answers to their motherhood, life, and career questions through content and community. Think of us as Black mom Google.

mater mea (pronounced mah-ter may-uh, Latin for “my mother”) is the #1 destination for thoughtful, high-quality content that celebrates, supports, and empowers Black moms, as well as women on their journey to motherhood. mater mea represents the diversity of Black motherhood and the fullness of Black womanhood, reflecting who we are across all avenues of our lives with honesty and without judgment.


Launched in 2012 by founder Tomi Akitunde, mater mea supports the well-being of Black mothers so that their children, families, and communities can thrive, too. mater mea provides community and answers to Black mothers most pressing questions through sincere storytelling and expert advice.


Tomi Akitunde


Tomi Akitunde is the founder and heart of mater mea. A journalist by trade, Tomi prides herself on being a champion of Black women’s stories and a curator of Black motherhood experiences.