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These affirmation cards for kids are designed to boost kids’ self-esteem as they grow and develop.

affirmation cards for kids
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Adults sometimes need reminders that children are people too. They get stressed out and need help just like we do. A lot of the ways we take care of ourselves are also helpful for them too. That’s why affirmation cards for kids have become so popular. Positive affirmations for kids can help them self-regulate and begin a self-love practice that will support them well into adulthood.

What Are Affirmations and Affirmation Cards?

An affirmation is a first-person statement that, when spoken aloud, helps to shift your mindset in a positive direction. Written in the present tense, affirmations are meant to be said on a regular basis to maximize their effect. 

These statements encourage, inspire, and promote a positive mental well-being and sense of self. Thus, using affirmations is a simple but powerful practice that can offer a reminder or much needed perspective. 

Positive affirmation cards for kids use language that is accessible for children. Instead of the more complex affirmations adults use, affirmations for kids use simple statements like “I am smart.” Affirmation cards for kids also feature bright colors and illustrations to capture kids’ attention. 

How Do You Use Affirmation Cards for Kids?

There are a number of ways you can use affirmation cards for kids. The most important part is repetition. When you repeat something again and again, your brain accepts what you are saying as fact. Once your brain is on board and you believe in what you’re saying, it makes it easier for your actions to follow suit. 

You can use affirmations with your child when they are:

  • getting ready for school in the morning to bolster their confidence and help them prepare to take on the day. 
  • trying something for the first time to help them adopt a growth mindset.
  • feeling challenged by a situation to ease their anxiety
  • getting ready for bed to assist them in relaxing and enjoying a restful night’s sleep.

Using these affirmation cards for kids can help kids to develop positive self-talk. And that positive self-talk will serve as the foundation for a healthy relationship with themselves that will carry into adulthood. 

Where Can I Buy Affirmation Cards for Kids?

There are a lot of options for affirmation cards for kids out there. It can be overwhelming to sort through them all. But this list has been curated to represent children of diverse backgrounds and we have pre-sorted the decks into two groups. One that is suitable for kids ages 3 to 7 and another for ages 8 and up. 

The decks can be found on Amazon and Etsy, as well as independent sellers, and range in price from $2 to $30. There are physical decks that come ready out the box, or if you would prefer to make your own, there are printable options as well. 

Note: Cards marked with asterisks are from Black-owned companies. Prices reflect the price at time of publishing, and may be subject to change.

For Little Ones (ages 3 – 7)

affirmation cards for kids

Black Girl Magic ABC Affirmation Cards*

Each card in this deck (pictured above) features an affirmation that corresponds with a letter of the alphabet along with a beautiful illustration of Black girl. This deck is currently being restocked and is available for preorder. $25 | Liberated Young Shop

Alphabet Affirmation Flashcards*

The cards in this deck each illustrate a different character. In addition to affirmations and letters, the cards show children representations of the diverse world we live in. $19.99 | Affirmation Station Shop

Modern Alphabet Affirmation Flash Cards

Each of these affirmation cards for kids corresponds with a letter of the alphabet, so children can learn their letters and how to affirm themselves at the same time. $23 | Amazon

Lunch Box Notes Motivational Flash Cards

This bright colorful deck features 50 cards with illustrations of cute little animals exclaiming things like “You are beautiful inside and out” and “You’re doing great.” $9 | Amazon

Mind Cards: Kids’ Edition

This deck of 30 positive affirmation cards for kids is split over five categories: mindfulness, gratitude, kindness, “repeat after me,” and “today I am.” The affirmations are coupled with actions to help kids put their affirmation into practice. $13Etsy

Dilly Curls Affirmation Deck*

You can print out this deck of affirmation cards for kids. Each card features bold illustrations with simple statements like: “I am talented,” and “I am important.” $5 | Etsy

I Am Me: Affirmation Cards for Kids

Each of the affirmations included in this deck of 44 cards features diverse drawings of children from around the world. $28 | Etsy

Bloom + Grow: Daily Affirmation Cards

On the front of these cards are whimsical drawings of forest creatures coupled with an affirmation. The back of the card has a corresponding quote and breathing exercise.  $28 | Etsy

Affirmation and Wellbeing Cards

These 40 cards are focused on praising children for who they are and not what they achieve. $22 | Etsy

Affirmation Pocket Poems

A mini deck of 10 cards, Affirmation Pocket Poems can fit in the palm of your little one’s hand. Each card has a rhyming poem with a positive message. $22 | Etsy

The Calm Classroom: Affirmation Alphabet

Do you have an animal lover? This deck pairs affirmations with fun animal facts that match up with the letters of the alphabet. “I am peaceful like a pig,” one card says alongside a picture of a cute pink pig. And on the opposite side of the card we learn that “pigs are peaceful animals that rarely show aggression.” $15 Etsy

Connection Card Affirmation Set

Decorated with simple illustrations done in green, yellow, and red, this set of 12 mini affirmation cards for kids comes in a drawstring muslin bag. $25 | Etsy

Be Awesomely You: Affirmation Cards

On each of the 36 cards in this colorful deck, there are rhymes that encourage children to be who they are. $18 | Etsy

32 Affirmation Cards for Kids

These printable affirmation cards are bright and feature fun illustrations and typography to help kids tap into their inner strength. $2 | Etsy

Children’s Affirmation Deck

“I am powerful,” “I am capable,” and “I am important,” are just a few of the affirmations for kids that can be found on these simple cards made just for small hands. $14 | Etsy

Christian Affirmation Cards for Kids

This affirmation deck lives up to its tagline—”Designed for kids, rooted in scripture”—with affirmations that connect children in Christian homes with their faith. $22 | Etsy

Happy Kids Affirmation Cards

Affirmation cards help children take their self-care and self-confidence into their own hands. And this line of cards can also help your child find ways to build connections with others as well as relax. $30 | Etsy

Bilingual Affirmation Cards for Kids

Help your child learn two languages with these 29 cards containing motivating and inspirational words in Spanish and English! (Don’t forget the two blank cards to forge your own affirmations.) $30 | Etsy

Mindful Littles – Daily Affirmations Deck*

These affirmation cards for kids contain multicultural characters, showing that positivity and mindfulness is not just for one kind of kid. $22 | FMW

For Big Kids (ages 8 & up)

affirmation cards for kids
Teens Affirmation Cards by Affirmation Farm

Growth Mindset Mantra Cards

Growth is central to this affirmation deck. Each affirmation encourages your child to step outside of their comfort zone and consider how to approach their situation with a positive perspective. $15 | Amazon

Worry Deck 

Created by a cognitive behavioral therapist, these affirmation cards help teens and adults to relieve anxiety and stress. They also feature strategies for coping with worry. $25 | Amazon

The Daily Goal Getter Affirmation Deck

Simple, but powerful statements like “I will ask for help if I need it” are included in this downloadable deck of 32 affirmation cards made especially for teenagers. $5 | Etsy

Tween/Teen Affirmation Cards*

Made especially for tweens and teens, this deck features affirmations for children like “I am too big a gift to this world for self-doubt to control me.” $10 | Etsy

Self-Sufficient Kids Affirmation Deck

The 101 cards in this printable deck were made to transform children’s negative self talk and improve their self esteem. $6 | Etsy

Teens Affirmation Cards

Your children will love this deck of 16 colorful cards with abstract illustrations alongside affirmations for kids like “The world is better for having you in it.” The cards also include questions and prompts to help kids navigate their feelings. $24 | Etsy

Positive Affirmations for Kids

These bright and bold cards help teens learn a positive mindset as well as inspire confidence through affirmations for kids. $21 | Etsy

The Beautiful Box of You*

These double-sided cards create a conversation between parents (or elders) and kids. One side affirms the child and the other lets the adult repeat the affirming idea to the child. $18 | Love Jamii

Kid Affirmation Cards

Your child will believe that they’re good enough through the kind words found in these 15 full-color cards. These affirmation cards for kids can help your child develop an early grasp of the power of positive speaking. $18 | Abundant Affirmations

Children need to be affirmed just like adults. Tools like these affirmation cards for kids can support them in creating practices that will empower them and strengthen their sense of self. 

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