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With her eye for beauty, entrepreneur and writer Alex Elle's Instagram account is a favorite among mater mea fans.

Alex Elle for mater mea/Erika Layne Salazar

We love Instagram. The photo-sharing platform is probably the most used app on our phones. We love posting photos and words of wisdom from our interviews, giving behind the scenes looks of the site, and sharing precious family photos from our followers with the hashtag, #mmfanpics. (You can follow us on Instagram @matermea.)

But probably what we love most is seeing women from all over the country and world share their experiences in such a visual way. That’s why we’re starting a new feature, Instagram Mom of the Week, that puts a spotlight on some of these amazing women. Our call for submission got the most comments we’ve ever received—147 and growing.

There were so many amazing recommendations, but one woman received the most nominations from our followers, and it’s not hard to see why. Alex Elle is a social media maven who is always on the go, and our first Instagram Mom of the Week.


because it will never get any better than an embrace from the human you created. #magic

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Alex Elle’s feed is full of gorgeous photos of her and her 7-year-old daughter Charleigh. You can feel how much they love each other in every photo they take together.


it may be tough, it will be lonely but you will grow. #gentlereminder

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Alex Elle regularly shares thought-provoking and inspirational quotes on her feed. Added bonus: They always seem to appear right when you need them most.


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Balm and Co. is an all-natural beauty line Alex Elle launched with her daughter. What originally started as a family DIY project has become a promising business, she explained to us. “It started as just something fun but then she had the idea of selling them. That’s where the ‘momma-prenuer’ came into play. Seeing the business side of it, I decided that this could really be something profitable in the mommy market.”

She’s also an amazing photographer, and showcases the work she does for friends and regular collaborators. 


in the arms of the best 7 year old ever, reppin’ @thewraplife.

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So precious!


Ryan made this shirt as a reminder for Char. We love it, papa! This message is so important. xo

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What’s great to see on Alex Elle’s Instagram account is how she and her partner Ryan encourage Charleigh, ensuring she’ll grow up to be a confident young woman.


loving the colors of #NOLA! ?

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