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The poet and entrepreneur knows the struggle is real—and she has some thoughts on how to keep it in check.

Living authentically and as our best (and happiest) selves is a daunting challenge. With so many demands on our time and spirits, it can feel like there’s isn’t enough time left in a day to breathe, much less think about being mindful and intentional in our actions.

It’s a constant tug and pull we’ve all experienced in our many overlapping roles as women, and one that makes having sister friends all the more important. Someone to say, “I get it, and I’m on the same journey, too.”

For many of us, that sister friend is Alex Elle. The poet and founder of plant-based skincare line Balm & Co. has grown a dedicated following online for her empowering aphorisms on self-care and intentional living. (Just check out her Instagram and Twitter.)

Now Alex Elle will be sharing her thoughts on wellness, entrepreneurship, and parenting with mater mea readers in a new monthly column starting in February. We’re so excited to have her voice on the site, and for Alex Elle to share what she’s learned—and is still learning—on her journey.

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