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Malesha Jessie Taylor

Hailed as the “Punk Diva,” Malesha Jessie Taylor is a vanguard artist and activist. She has sung with the Los Angeles Opera, the San Francisco Opera, and at the Lincoln Center, but has also taken the taken the power of her art into diverse communities. She created “Opera Open-Stage,” an open-mic at the Nuyorican Poet’s Cafe and also produced the “Guerrilla Opera” series in bodegas and barbershops across Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. Malesha is the founder of museSalon, a social enterprise bridging artists and the community through interdisciplinary dialogue and creative consultancies, and is a thought leader in using creativity to address inequity.



Mater Mea is a website that tells the stories of women at the intersection of motherhood and career. Launched in 2012, the site offers a more realistic depiction of Black women in the many spaces they occupy: as mothers, daughters, employees and employers, lovers, and friends.