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The Absent Black Father myth was proven wrong, but it's still heard everywhere. What would happen if we listened to Black dads instead?

Black dad with wife and 2 sons
Dedrian McNulty—with his wife Tansy and sons Dedrian and Malachi—is one of the dads featured in our video moving past the Absent Black Father myth.

Look… It’s time to hang up the tired myths about the Absentee Black Dad.

Black Fathers exist.

A 2013 CDC study found that Black fathers reported being more involved in their kids lives than dads of other races—regardless of whether or not they lived with them. (Of those fathers who lived at home with their kids, 70% of Black dads said they “bathed, dressed, diapered, or helped their children use the toilet every day,” compared to 60% of white dads and 45% of Hispanic dads, Newsweek reported.)

And it wasn’t just a self-reporting bias: a 2018 study of mothers reflected the same results, according to Legacy.

Black fathers are actively, lovingly, compassionately, and vulnerably raising their Kids.

But Black men are rarely given the space to talk about fatherhood outside the shadow of those harmful myths.

That’s why we partnered with stroller company Colugo to create that space.

Three dads (and one dad to be!) logged on to Zoom to talk about their experiences with fatherhood and their hopes for their children in a conversation we’re calling “Black Dads: Beyond Present.”

You can watch the full video on YouTube below.

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