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Dive into the world of homeschooling with these Black homeschoolers’ videos.

The author and Youtuber Torrie Oglesby with her family.

Let’s be honest, 2020 has unapologetically messed up everyone’s goals and plans for this year. From vacations to work, we are all readjusting and adapting to a new way of living because of the coronavirus pandemic. This is especially true when it comes to our kids’ education: All of a sudden, mothers who never considered homeschooling, now find themselves in the world of homeschool.

As Black moms, it helps to see yourself and your family reflected in these homeschooling stories.

One way to get your footing is by finding communities for homeschooling moms and their families. Youtube is a great platform for new-to-homeschooling mothers to lean on. You’ll find mothers sharing personal stories and lessons that give insight into the massive world of homeschooling.

As Black moms, it helps to see yourself and your family reflected in these homeschooling stories. I’ve been homeschooling for two years, and I started my YouTube channel because although there were mothers on the platform sharing valuable information, no one looked like me and approached homeschool in the simple manner I was striving to create within my home.

Homeschooling can be daunting, challenging, and lonely at times, especially for first-time homeschooling parents. But finding Black homeschooling moms can help you feel more at ease. These Black homeschooling mothers will encourage, empower, and enrich you along your new path of home education.

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1. For The Planner Mama: Plan, Prep, Pray

Who is she: Wendy Alcime of Plan Prep Pray is a mother of four—her kids ages range from 9 months to 9 years—who has been homeschooling for seven years.

What she offers: She’ll help you figure out schedules, routines, and hacks that’ll help you find peace throughout your days, weeks, months, and years.

Start here: Just like anything else, homeschooling requires planning and organization. Wendy shares the best homeschool planner for parents with  multiple kids/students in this video. You can also follow her on Instagram.

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2. For Big City Moms: The Washington Family

Who is she: Nakia Washington of The Washington Family is a mom of three, and has been homeschooling for two years. Along with her YouTube channel, Nakia sells her own curriculum, which you can purchase on Etsy.

What she offers:  The stereotypical homeschooler lives on a farm where farm life and outside chores are regularly a part of the homeschool day. But you don’t need acres, chickens, and mountains to give your children the best experience. Nakia will show you how you can live in the city and offer your kids a rich homeschool environment by using a Montessori approach in her New York apartment.

Start here: Want to know what a typical day in a homeschooling family’s life is like? Watch Homeschool Routine For Kindergarten and Preschool Day In the Life, and follow Nakia on Instagram.

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3. For Moms Who Love to Laugh: Mommy Bee Twin Mom

Who is she: Brandi Williams is a mother of three, two of those being twin s.  A former preschool educator, Brandi helps moms navigate new motherhood and homeschool through her YouTube channel Mommy Bee Twin Mom.

What she offers: Brandi gives you practical tips to make your day go smoother with your little ones. She is all about equipping your kids to be independent in order to make you less stressed. Her honesty and humor is a delight and will instantly make you feel welcomed and prepared.

Start here: Moms of toddlers can check out her YouTube playlist about homeschooling preschoolers and follow her on Instagram.

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4. For Moms Who Hate Mess: The Simple Happy Life

Who is she: Sabrina of The Simple Happy Life loves planners and homeschool organization, and has been homeschooling her two boys, ages 7 and 9, for three years.

What she offers: Home education means that your home is your family’s hub, so you want it to be one of organized peace. Sabrina’s a great place to start on your journey: She will show you how to organize curriculum, games, and materials, allowing you to be less stressed about the mess and more focused on educating your children. She also has older children, so if you need to see how a mom homeschools older kids, she’s your girl!

Start here: What are some of the resources homeschooling families use to teach their kids? Check out Sabrina’s video on the homeschool games, flashcards and puzzles her family uses. You can also follow her on Instagram.

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5. For Moms With Kids In Different Grades: My Busy Bees and Me

Who is she: Erica from My Busy Bees and Me is a military spouse and former high school science teacher turned homeschool mama and educational blogger.

What she offers: Erica has been doing this homeschool lifestyle for a while, and, since she’s a military spouse, she runs a tight ship. She teaches elementary through high school, and will help you navigate educating multiple kids in multiple grades.

Start here: What kinds of resources and materials do you need? How do you choose a homeschooling curriculum? Erica shares the answers to these questions and more while taking you on a shopping trip in this video. Want more? You can find her on Instagram.

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6. For Moms Interested In Unschooling: The Oglesby Ohana

Who I am: I used to be Type A, but after a rough year of homeschooling within the lines, I discovered unschooling—also known as self-directed education—and have been enjoying homeschooling my three children (ages 4, 6, and 8) ever since.

What I offer: My channel focuses on a more relaxed approach to homeschooling. Unschooling is a natural way of learning that focuses on child-led learning and experiences rather than paperwork. By using books, conversations, and experiences, I form my children’s education. I’m all about wonder, natural learning, and leaving behind the traditional way of schooling.

However, I still use the curriculum for our core subjects. I’m here to encourage and empower mamas by letting them know they are enough, they have enough, and they are doing enough.

Start here: Are you curious about unschooling? Do you want to know more on how to adapt a child-led learning approach in your home? I share specific tips on how to make learning come alive and how you can move past traditional curriculum in this video.

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