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These childhood therapists have advice on how to manage the big emotions coronavirus is bringing up for kids and parents.

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In a weekly Zoom hangout series called Moms’ Night In, experts answer your questions about navigating life during a global pandemic. Here’s a recap of our latest one:

Coronavirus and sheltering in place is bringing up BIG feelings for everyone, especially kids. They’re going to school from a laptop, they don’t know when they’ll see their teachers and friends again, graduations and milestone moments are delayed or canceled… How can you help your kids process this world-changing event that is having very real (and unfair) effects on their day-to-day life?⁠

Therapists and children’s mental health experts Brandy Wells and Malia L. Segal answered your questions around how you can best help your kids during the pandemic.

Brandy and Malia explain:

  • why it’s important to understand your triggers as well as your children’s when dealing with tantrums;
  • how to help your kids articulate what they’re feeling;
  • how to manage challenging behaviors while sheltering in place;
  • how to model the skills that you want your kids to follow;
  • how to make crisis schooling manageable for you and your kids;
  • how to parent effectively when you have more than one child, and children of different ages;
  • how to deal with behavioral regressions;
  • and more!

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(Note: There are moments where the video freezes—press your arrow keys to fast forward a few seconds to when the video picks back up)

Resources Mentioned In This Video article “The Best Way to Prevent Tantrums Is to Be Kind” and the follow-up “9 Phrases That Help Prevent Tantrums”

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