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Black moms need podcasts, too, and these shows deliver.

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Updated: July 8, 2022

We love podcasts. And these days, there seems to be something for everyone—whether you’re interested in hearing about self-care, entrepreneurship, or beauty as you go about your day.

But where are the podcasts for Black moms?

We’ve rounded up a couple of Black mom podcasts that you may want to start listening to during your morning commutes, early morning breastfeeding sessions, or really, anytime you can sneak a listen.


Moms Actually

“Where motherhood meets sisterhood” is the tagline of this new podcast. Hosts Sopha Rush, Blair Angela Gyamfi, and Morgan Taylor have candid conversations about parenting amongst themselves and with guests like  Grammy-winning gospel artist Erica Campbell and singer and reality star Tamar Braxton. (Listen here)

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Life, I Swear

Now more than ever is the time to celebrate ourselves and to lean on one another so that each of us feels seen and loved. One of our mamas Chloe Louvouezo’s podcast @lifeiswear shares stories and reflections from a lineup of incredible Black female creatives about how they heal, connect, and process. Each episode tackles topics around identity, mental health and the resilience of Black women, reminding us that we all deserve so much more. (Listen here)

Satya Nelms of Our Mothers Gardens podcast

Our Mothers’ Gardens

Our good sis Satya Nelms created the podcast she wished existed when she launched Our Mothers’ Gardens.

“How do our mother’s stories shape our stories? How does the way we are mothered contribute to who we become? These are the questions Our Mothers’ Gardens seeks to explore,” she writes.

Satya interviews “a Black woman about what she thinks it means to be a mother, the lessons she learned from her mother directly, as well as through observation, the challenges she faced by the way she was mothered, and how that mothering affects the way she shows up in the world.” (Listen here)

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The Cleverly Changing Podcast

Are you thinking about homeschooling? Add The Cleverly Changing podcast to your listening queue.

“The Cleverly Changing Podcast is a conversation led by two Black moms who share their thoughts, on navigating homeschooling, eclectic learning, raising Black children in the U.S., and African-centered education. These moms encourage their children to think freely while they are creating new patterns and ways of parenting and teaching.” (Listen here)

Oh Shit Twins podcast cover art


Georgia Martel, a UK-based mom of twins, launched her podcast in September 2020 to talk directly to parents of multiples (twins, triplets, etc.).

“I didn’t have anyone in my real life that could relate to my full experience of being a twin mum,” she wrote in an Instagram caption. “So why not talk about it?”

The podcast’s first episode is about what lockdown is like for a mom of triplets with a full-time job.

Cool Moms podcast photo of two women each holding a baby

Cool Moms

This new podcast, hosted by artist Elise Peterson and designer Lizzy Okpo, “highlights women who make both their passions and parenting a priority. We’re not like regular moms, we’re cool moms.” Elise, Lizzy, and their guests talk about “real mother shit,” which sometimes include actual poop, mental health, family dynamics, and breastfeeding. (Listen here)

Sisters-in-Loss podcast host Erica M. McAfee

Sisters In Loss

“Sisters in Loss podcast spotlights faith-filled Black women who share their grief and loss stories and testimonies. Black women experience miscarriage and stillbirth two times more than white women, according to the National Institutes of Health. Whether you have experienced a miscarriage, infant loss, stillbirth, or infertility, you will learn about resources and strategies to heal, gain clarity, peace, hope, and find an empowering path forward after loss. Join Erica M. McAfee weekly as she interviews Sisters in Loss who have healed from such a painful and traumatic experience by sharing their testimonies to inspire and help others to turn their pain into their purpose.” (Listen here)

Mother and daughter kneeling by water

Experiencing Motherhood: Single & Black

“In the Experiencing Motherhood: Single & Black Podcast, Kim shares her experiences throughout her single mom journey along with tips and tricks to educate, inspire, and uplift other moms. Kim also brings on other moms (and sometimes dads) to talk about various topics related to single parenting in the Black community. (Listen here)

Akilah Richards hugging a child

Fare of the Free Child

“A podcast for Black and Brown parents who practice alternative parenting options to the traditional education model that is school. Options like unschooling, worldschooling, roadschooling, slowschooling, eclectic homeschooling, and the myriad other ways that we and our children embrace curiosity-driven, lifelong learning.

‘The purpose of Fare of the Free Child is to help me amplify the underrepresented voices and unique concerns of people of color looking for real viable options to the oppressive systems that our children are expected to live and learn within.” (Listen here)

Black moms listening to a podcast with children

Good Moms, Bad Choices

“Two uncensored and outspoken young moms challenging the stereotypes of single parenting and societal norms. Join them in discussing, asking, and answering all the questions no parents want to openly ask or admit. Social topics, current events, and Erica and Milah’s sometimes ‘bad choices’ keeps this weekly podcast as entertaining and unpredictable as life itself.”

Something to Cry About podcast cover art

Something to Cry About

“Something to Cry About is motherhood…candidly and in color. A judgement-free space of honesty and humor that provokes thoughtful conversation centered around the diversity of motherhood. Hosts Brejai Calingo and Leslie Kershaw enjoy a good laugh and an open chat about the wins, losses, and sometimes epic fails of millennial motherhood.” (Listen here)

Rachel Pierre Mommifaceted podcast host


Hosted by Rachel Pierre, “Mommifaceted is the voice for everyday women of color who are juggling home life, career, and doing what it takes to also follow their own passions.” (Listen here)

Anthonia Akitunde mater mea podcast host

mater mea

Our podcast is on hiatus, but you can still revisit our eight-episode first season.

“mater mea tells the stories and discusses that topics that matter most to Black women at the intersection of career and family. Host Anthonia Akitunde talks to guests about everything from work-life balance to single motherhood to self-care and more.” (Listen here)

Dem Black Mamas

“Three #BlackMamaCreatives (Crystal Tennille Irby, Nekisha Killings, & Thea Monyee) give you all the #BlackMamaMagic your heart can hold as they discuss how to raise free Black children in an unfree world while pursuing their own dreams.” (Listen here)

Modern Mommies

“Rachael and Aziza are two moms in their 20s just trying to navigate the ins and outs of parenting. Join them as they share parenting tips while knocking down boundaries put in place by society and tradition.” (Listen here)

Brown Skin Mom

“The Brown Skin Mom Podcast is a podcast the empowers women to walk their journey of motherhood with boldness, confidence, and love. Welcome to the hood… The Motherhood.” (Listen here)

That Black Couple

“This is an accidentally funny podcast about the realities of Blackness and adult life. Our goal is to create a space for Black millennials to discuss and embody adult life on their own terms. We aren’t beholden to “traditional” gender or parenting roles, queerness is fluid and present in the ways we show up in our relationships and in the world, and we want to build community with other 30-something Black folx who are trying to figure this ish out.” (Listen here)

Add Water and Stir

“The Add Water and Stir podcast focuses on promoting foster care and adoption within communities of color, especially within the African-American community. We want to give voice and visibility to families like ours who often seem left out of mainstream adoption conversations. We hope to educate others as we talk about our struggles and triumphs of parenting adopted children. We also have a Wine Down segment where we talk about all kinds of non-adopted related topics as well.” (Listen here)

Growing Nimble Families

Hosted by mom of three Melitsa Avila, this podcast is focused on raising school-aged kids. “Traditionally seen as a lull between the hyper vigilant times of early childhood and the anticipation of teenagers, we are celebrating the energy of Middle Childhood (or Midhood) development and discussing parental challenges of school age kids (Ages 5-14).” (Listen here)

Woke Mommy Chatter

“A podcast for all those socially conscious moms. I’m a black mom, raising black kids in a white world and this podcast is about the funny and not so funny moments that come with being a person of color in today’s world. This is real talk about social issues, black and brown lives, black hair, relationships, mommy’ing through those terrible three’s (yes I said three’s), parenting kids of all ages and all the fun that comes with motherhood… all discussed with a twist of color.” (Listen here)

Mommy Hour

“Mommy Hour is a place to share honest and vulnerable moments in order to provide some encouragement, add a little laughter, and increase your level of motherhood sanity.” (Listen here)

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