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This fierce first-time mom reminds us that our most valuable possessions are our loved ones.

Brandi Hargette, a Rockville, Maryland-based mom and poet, allows us to experience the joys of being a first-time mother right along with with her. Her family life is full of love and happiness, thanks to the presence of her daughter Zora and her partner. Becoming a mother has intensified her creativity and even inspired her to start her own business.


Because I feel beautiful today, & Chris lets me exploit his “amateur photography skills.” #WhatOtherReasonDoINeed #CROWN

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Brandi’s Instagram account is filled with love, creativity, and beauty. She’s comfortable in her own skin and encourages others to love themselves as well.

The new mom regularly posts poetic love notes she’s written to her 8-month-old daughter Zora. The thought of Zora one day reading them with full understanding is touching.


Lost files from our maternity shoot. #MCMOrWudevah #LookBackAtIt #ThePregnantEdition | ?: @tv_kills

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Brandi’s Instagram fans have been with her family from the beginning as she shares her motherhood journey with us. We’re completely invested in every new development from baby bump to breastfeeding!

She makes a point to capture the small and big moments (like Zora getting a taste of her first solid food) that come with being a mother.

Zora’s growing from an angelic newborn into an energetic baby who appears to be full of laughs.


I was nominated by @erynamelism to post a picture of a time I felt beautiful. Though I’m an undoubtedly confident woman, to a fault – some might say, I sometimes struggle with being a permanent subject for my “paparazzi” known as @crsfrncs. I’ll feel cute. Then, he’ll take my picture. And suddenly – blemishes are over emphasized, scowls are more apparent, locs get to misbehaving, etc. But if you put Zora in the picture – all my best angles come to the surface. I only see her. I see my best self. I can literally look at her without ceasing and never fail to be amazed. So, this may be considered cheating, but here it is. An usie compliments of my lifetime photographer. Papa taking a picture of me taking a picture of us (@ her 6mo. appointment). I felt beautiful in this photo because my best angle, Zora, was front and center. | “We had each other, and then we had you, and now we have everything.” #ZorasInstagram

A photo posted by Zora’s Umi | Poet | Creator (@bhargette) on

And with mom’s help, she’s also learning how to take selfies!

Zora’s arrival has also spurred Brandi’s growth as an entrepreneur. One day while wrapping her daughter’s “crown” she was inspired to create Mama & Me Wraps. Her company offers matching mom and baby head wraps (the mom’s wrap can be worn as a skirt, top, or as a nursing cover).

Watching this family grow is a complete joy. For more first-time mom experiences and mommy baby headwraps, follow Brandi @bhargette.


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