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Remember: The challenge isn't your child, but these circumstances we're all living under.

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This past year has been anything but easy!

The coronavirus and resulting pandemic has had a steep effect on everyone’s mental health—and that includes our children’s.

Buy as certified positive discipline educator Krissy Coggins says, “Your challenge is not your child. The challenge is the challenge.”

In mater mea’s event series Mama, AMA: Back to School, Krissy, Deitra Baker, a licensed marriage and family therapist; and Malia L. Segal, a licensed clinical social worker and play therapist in New Jersey discuss various strategies for supporting your child’s mental and emotional health during this unprecedented time.

The topics the women discussed were:

  • how moms can support their own mental health,
  • coping skills to teach to your children,
  • when to seek professional help,
  • ways to build your child’s emotional vocabulary,
  • how to create a safe space for feelings, and
  • different ways to maintain social connections with friends and loved ones while in quarantine

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