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Looking to add more diversity to your child’s personal library? You can make your child the main character in these customizable children’s books.

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Representation matters—especially for those of us who grew up without key chain names or skin shades found in a crayon box. That’s why customizable children’s books are so important; they let kids who don’t look or have names like the characters they read about feel seen.

These 49 personalized children’s books let your kids become a character in their own fun adventure. Whether you’re sitting criss-cross applesauce on the rug or cuddled up in bed, your children will love seeing their names and likeness on the page!

Educational Customizable Children’s Books

These personalized books help kids learn the fundamentals in a fun way.

1. ABCs with… 

Teach your child the alphabet through fun images of them participating in activities that begin with each letter, A through Z. Just send in your favorite photos of them to create this personalized children’s book, and watch as they light up and learn! For ages 0-3 (Etsy, $29.99)

2. Your Remarkable Rebels 

A cartoon version of your child and three historical figures of their choice venture out to reveal the impact of civil disobedience. For ages 6-10 (Wonderbly, $34.99)

3. ABC For You 

Introduce your child to the alphabet as they view an illustrated version of themselves discovering each letter. For ages 0-3 (Amazon, $34.99) 

4. 10 Little Yours 

In 10 Little Yours, kids learn their digits from themselves, which helps them commit their numbers to memory. For ages 0-3 (Amazon, $34.99) 

5. Your Colors 

Place your child in the colorful and exciting world of the rainbow as they learn their colors through painting. For ages 0-3 (Wonderbly, $34.99)

6. Behind the Magic Door 

Discover the wonders of the animal kingdom and the traits of different animals in this magical book. For ages 0-8 (Etsy, $24.66)

7. Name the Kingdom of Mirinyan

Young readers will learn the importance of respecting their surroundings—especially in a new setting—through a fun, customizable avatar. For ages 0-8 (Mumablue, $38.05)


8. Your Really Wild School 

School can be intimidating, especially for young new learners. In Your Really Wild School, your child will feel a lot more comfortable after reading this book about respecting teachers and students in the classroom. For ages 3-8 (Wonderbly, $34.99) 

9. Sweet Heroes 

If you’re looking for a way to teach your children to make healthy eating choices, read them this humorous tale. Your child and a friend (or younger sibling!) are transformed into superheroes to combat their cravings. For ages 3-8 (Mumablue, $44.00)

10. Adventures in Alaska 

On a summer vacation in Alaska, your child meets Sam the bear, who teaches them the importance of standing up to bullies. For ages 3-8 (Mumablue, $38.05) 

11. A New Sibling for You 

Another member joining the family may be scary for some children. Help them feel comfortable in their new role by reading this customizable children’s book. In A New Sibling for You, your child will pick up on the skills and attributes necessary for an older sibling to be. For ages 0-3 (Amazon, $34.99)

12. That’s My Cake! 

Sharing is caring…but there’s only one slice of cake left! Your kids will learn the value of sharing with family with this book. (It allows for four customizable siblings to be added!) For ages 08 (Wonderbly, $34.99) 

Love Letters

Roses are red, violets are blue, customizable children’s books mean “I Love You.” 

Let your little one know just how big your love for them is with these sweet books. 

13. I Love You So Much

Put Me in the Story has a wide array of personalized books for children of all ages, and includes books featuring some of your child’s favorite licensed characters like Curious George and Pete the Cat. You’ll have your pick of great books, but we picked this beautiful and heartfelt book that lets you add photos of your little one as you try to explain just how much you love them. For ages 0-7 (Put Me in the Story, starts at $24.99)

14. A Wish For… 

This customizable children’s book is perfect for baptisms and a baby’s birthday. For ages 0-3 (Etsy, $24.62)

15. The Coolest Niece in the World 

Highlight what you love most about your niece—and express how much you love watching them grow into the wonderful person they’re becoming—with this customizable children’s book. For ages 3-10 (Etsy, $29.95)

16. We Go Together Like…

Being different is what makes us all the same. In We Go Together Like, your child and a sibling, cousin, or friend learn about how their differences strengthen their relationship. After all, two beautiful personalities make one amazing friendship. For ages 0-6 (Amazon, $39.99)

17. I Love You This Much 

In this personalized love letter, parents can express the enormous love they have for their child. For ages 0-4 (Amazon, $34.99)

18. You’ll Always Be My Little 

In this father-child story, a dad gets to share the unconditional love they have for their kiddo. And the child, in return, learns that no matter how big they get, they will always be their father’s special little one! For ages 2-6 (Hooray Heroes, $33.00)

19. Together

Select two adult figures who mean the world to your child to help teach them that spending quality time with loved ones is a gift. In Together, they’ll see just how important communicating is to sustaining relationships. For ages 0-8 (Mumablue, $44.00)

Confidence Builders 

With your child at the center of these encouraging customizable children’s books, their self-esteem will surely grow. 

20. Tina Searches for Her Dream 

Finding stories of brown ballerinas just got easier with this book. (You can customize the character’s skin tone.) Tina’s story inspires children to believe that unlocking their gift is a matter of trial and error, encouraging them to not give in when trying to find what makes them stand out. For ages 5-7 (Amazon, available in dark, medium, and light skintones, $21.95) 

21. Who Can? You Can! 

Immerse your child in a story that teaches them the importance of celebrating victories, both small and large. For ages 0-3 (Wonderbly, $34.99) 

22. You Are Extraordinary 

This custom journal features writing prompts especially designed to strengthen your child’s self-esteem. An added bonus? Young learners can exercise their writing skills! For ages 7-12 (Wonderbly, $34.99)

23. The Power Within 

This comic-styled story emphasizes your child’s most admirable personality trait by turning it into a superpower. The Power Within is an encouraging tale that captures the exciting world of a superhero, following them from their origin story to their path of becoming a city hero. For ages 5-10 (Wonderbly, $34.44) 

24. Kingdom of You 

Create a custom kingdom for your child in this storybook truly fit for royalty. For ages 3-10 (Wonderbly, $34.99) 

25. Bubbles 

An illustration of your child meets a sea turtle that helps them overcome their fears as they take on new challenges and adventures in the ocean. For ages 2-8 (Mumablue, $38.05) 

26. The Magic of 

In this fun story, your child discovers that they’ve lost their fairy godmother. Upon attempting to find a new one, they learn of their own magical powers that they can use in their everyday life, such as empathy and self-esteem. For ages 3-10 (Mumablue, $38.05)

27.You Can Change the World 

Small acts of kindness have the power to impact the world. This book features a customizable character who teaches just that. (Special note: The I See Me brand marketed this book towards children with autism who may feel uncomfortable in certain social interactions or settings.) For ages 2-8 (Amazon, $29.99)

28. The Wondrous Road Ahead 

Life is a journey with winding roads, challenges, rewards, and consequences. But, as this customizable book for kids teaches, having support and confidence can help you stay on track. For ages 0-8 (Amazon, $34.99) 

29. My Very Own Fairy Tale 

Looking for fantastical customizable children’s books? In this one, garden fairies prepare for your child’s coronation as fairy princess. Part of that prep includes finding each letter of your child’s name hidden throughout a magical garden. For ages 0-8 (Amazon, $19.97)

30. Emily is a Little Dancer! 

Does your child love ballet? This customizable children’s book takes the reader to the night before a big dance recital! Although they’re anxious about the performance ahead, they know their practice and dedication will pay off. For ages 0-8 (Amazon, $34.99)

31. Superpowers 

Superpowers joins a long list of customizable children’s books that turn your child into the superpower of their dreams. During Invention Day at school, your child discovers powers they’ve yet to unlock while learning about the courage, intelligence, and strength they already possess. For ages 3-9 (Mumablue, $38.05)

32. You Can Be Anything

Did you know Shutterfly had a personalized children’s book section? They have a ton of options, but one of our favorites lets children know they can be anything they want to be. For ages (Shutterfly, $39.99)

Morning and Bedtime Routine 

Help your child get ready to start or end their day with these thoughtful books.

33. Bedtime For You

Wish your child sweet dreams as they wind down for bedtime in this rhyming story. For ages 0-4 (Wonderbly, $34.99) 

34. Daycare For You

A sequel to Bedtime for You, Daycare for You portrays a cartoon version of your child preparing for daycare in the morning. For ages 0-3 (Wonderbly, $34.99) 

35. Sweet Dreams, Fairy 

With the help of a magical friend, your child learns the importance of having a nighttime routine and preparing for bed. For ages 0-8 (Amazon, $39.99)

36. Bedtime! 

The sun is sinking into the horizon as nighttime begins to settle. It’s time to wind down, but not without cleaning up and putting the toys away first! For ages 2-8 (Amazon, $12.00)

Activity Books

With these personalized children’s books of games, puzzles, and coloring activities, your kids can put the “u” in “fun.”

37. Brian’s Farm Friends 

This farm adventure coloring book places your child in a typical work day on the farm. They’ll learn about farm animals and all the sounds each one makes. For ages 2-8 (Amazon, $9.99)

38. Where are You…? 

This “I Spy” game features your child’s full name on the cover and illustrations of them hidden throughout puzzles and in dizzying images. A personalized letter from the sender (whether that be the parents or a family friend) is also included. For ages 4-10 (Amazon, $42.99). 


Adventure awaits! Travel through distant lands, meet mythical creatures, and embark on character-building quests in these customizable children’s books.

39. Pirate Adventure 

The hunt is on! Your kid and their grandfather or father go on a treasure hunt in this customizable book for kids. For ages 2-8 (Amazon, $14.99)

40. Space Adventure 

Your child goes on a trip to the moon as in this space adventure. For ages 2-8 (Amazon, $14.99) 

41. The Fairies 

Kids will discover the magic of flying with the help of friends in a small fairy garden. For ages 2-8 (Amazon, $14.99)

42. The Princess and the Pony

Turn your little one into the princess of their dreams! In this customizable children’s book, their pony accompanies them on a day full of adventure. For ages 2-8 (Amazon, $14.99)

43. Lucy and the Mermaids 

During an ocean voyage, your child finds themselves shipwrecked on a deserted island! Luckily, they meet some mermaid friends who come to their rescue. For ages 2-8 (Amazon, $14.99)

44. Visiting Santa 

The biggest night of the North Pole has arrived yet again…Christmas Eve! Your child accompanies Santa and his reindeer crew on their toy delivery journey as they rush to give out the presents before sunrise! For ages 2-8 (Amazon, $14.99)

(Note: If you’re looking for another Christmas book starring a Black character, check out this one.)

45. Zoo Adventure 

Your child and a friend or sibling find themselves locked in the zoo as closing time nears! It’s ok though—they have a ton of fun with the animals as they hop, skip, and jump their way out. For ages 4-8 (Amazon, $18.00)

46. Jelly Planet 

This story takes your child on a space adventure with their half-dog, half-crocodile sidekick to save the planets after aliens have stolen gravity. Young readers will learn the value of empathy and tolerance as they go about their adventures! For ages 5-10 (Mumablue, $38.05)

47. Your Very Own Trucks

Got a little car lover? In this personalized children’s book, they’ll get to see all of their favorite vehicles spell out their name in rhyme. For ages 2-8 (Amazon, $39.99)

48. Me and My Pet

In the Book offers a wide array of personalized books, featuring Disney characters and everyday favorites like your child’s pet! In this story, your child gets to go on a fun adventure with their pet (or the pet they’ve always wished they had!). For ages 0-7 (In the Book, starts from $29.99)

49. The Magical Unicorn

What if your child were a unicorn? In this beautifully illustrated fantasy, they get to explore a land of unicorns and who live in the sky. (And if unicorns aren’t your child’s thing, Dinkleboo has a number of personalized books that will fit their interests!) For ages 2-10 (Dinkleboo, $24.99) 

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