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Don’t sweat over your lack of enthusiasm for the gym. There are still ways to stay fit.


As a busy woman, you may not always have time to workout. But what if you just hate exercising? If you want to achieve some level of fitness, there’s still hope! Don’t get too excited, though—you’ll still need to get moving.

Our bodies are made for motion. Staying physically fit doesn’t always require spending time at the gym, but it does require that we not live a sedentary lifestyle.

These tips can help you add a little fitness in your day.

Agatha Achindu . Photo credit: Tim Redman
Agatha Achindu. Photo credit: Tim Redman

At Home

Cleaning: House chores are boring, but make them fun with your favorite, hip-shaking music. Play a little salsa, reggae, or hip-hop and burn a few calories while you’re tidying up.

Cooking: While you’re hovering over the stove while making dinner, try doing a few front and side lateral leg raises. These exercises will help tone your butt and hips.

Stand to the side of your counter with your left hand on the counter’s edge for support. Slowly lift your right leg out as far as you can and then bring it back down to your side, without letting your foot touch the floor. Do that for 12 reps and then switch to the other side.

Child’s Play: If you’re a mom, join your little one outside for a few minutes of jump rope, tag, or hoops. Any activity that gets the heart rate up is good for your overall health.

Jessica Cumberbatch Anderson . Photo credit: Jennifer Currell
. Photo credit: Jennifer Currell

On the job

Take a break: Set a reminder for yourself to take a walk break for every two hours of sitting at your desk. Office workers who sit for long hours are more at risk for chronic illnesses.

Stretch: Strengthen your body throughout your day with stretching exercises. You can perform these exercises by standing or sitting in your chair—though it might feel strange, you’re doing your part in avoiding the pain that comes from a sedentary lifestyle.

Tone: In a few minutes a day you can turn flab arms to fab ones (think First Lady!). Try doing 10 – 15 desk pushups to strengthen and tone. Boom! You’re done and ready for sleeveless or halter tops.

Veronica Valentine . Photo credit. J. Quazi King
Veronica Valentine. Photo credit. J. Quazi King

On the go

While waiting: Try a few calf raise exercises while you’re waiting in line, or waiting for an elevator. With feet a few inches apart, lift up your heels so you’re on tippy toes for two counts, and then lower them back down in another two counts. These exercises help build killer calf muscles.

During airport layovers: If you’re a road warrior, skip the moving walkway, escalator, and elevator, and walk through the concourse. 

In the car: Try deep breathing. Believe it or not, deep breathing is an exercise. The bursts of oxygen increases mental alertness and energy. 

Staying fit doesn’t have to be painful! You don’t have to love exercising, but you can only reap the benefits if you get moving!

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