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We talk to two working moms about the roles their husbands play in their work-life juggle, and why we need healthier relationship models.

In our third installment of the mater mea podcast, we are joined by Karen Tappin and Trenesa Stanford-Danuser—two amazing women taking the beauty industry by storm. Karen is the founder and CEO of Karen’s Body Beautiful, an organic body and hair care line that can be found in Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, and beauty supply stores around the country. She was also the first mom featured on our website.

Trenesa is the vice president of global communications and strategic relations for Origins Skin Care and Ojon Hair Products at Estée Lauder, and also a mater mea mom from our early days. You can find Karen and Trenesa on social media at @Karensbeautiful and @trehug!

What we talked about…

Our takes on relationships, what they look like in reality television versus real life, and the way the “ride-or-die” narrative hurts Black women and girls.

Is Camille Cosby the ultimate “ride or die”?

Our relationship models growing up and our responsibility in giving young women healthy relationship models.

What it’s like to run a business with your life partner.

The truth about maintaining a work-life balance as a career woman, wife, and mother with our thoughts on the “second-shift.”

Choosing relationships and partners who support your dreams and career goals.

Navigating a relationship where the traditional gender roles are reversed.

Dating—or what some may call “auditioning for husbands”—as a traditional woman in an untraditional society.

What are some positive depictions of Black families in the media? We talk about Black-ish, Good Times, and ask… What was Florida Evans’ job? The first person to email with the correct answer will win a prize!

Photo credit: J. Quazi King
Photo credit: J. Quazi King

Things That Gave Us Life…

Karen: Her discovery in how much self-love she’s instilled into her daughter and how much her daughter loves her natural hair. “My daughter ain’t failing no doll tests, I’m just saying!”

Trenesa: Seeing her 14-year-old daughter Dylan and 7-year-old son Romon share a genuine loving moment after a tutoring session, when they thought she wasn’t watching. It brought tears to her eyes.

Anthonia: Finding Bella Naija, a website that showcases Nigerian weddings, and getting more excited and finding inspiration for her upcoming multicultural wedding after being directed to websites where there were no pictures of Black women getting married. Representation matters!

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