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Interested in homeschooling? You can find support from like-minded families on these Facebook groups for Black homeschoolers.

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Updated: March 2, 2021 to add groups beyond the author’s original list.

When I first began homeschooling, I searched for as many Black homeschooling moms as I could find. Luckily, I connected with a growing group of homeschoolers relatively early in my journey, and they have been a source of inspiration, encouragement, wisdom, and solidarity ever since.

Recently, I was asked where a new, Black homeschooling mom could find this same support. I’m writing this post in hopes of helping others find their homeschooling tribe, albeit online.

Facebook groups are one of the best and easiest places to find other Black homeschooling families. I’ve joined some of the groups below, and doing so has made homeschooling a bit easier than it might have been going it alone. Each group has its own flavor, so I included as many as I could find to give lots of options.

African-Centered Homeschoolers

One of the largest Facebook groups for Black homeschoolers, African-Centered Homeschoolers is the first group I joined. It’s very active and contains TONS of information and resources to help you homeschool from an African perspective.

Melanin Kids Book Club

Started by a homeschooling mom who understands that representation matters, Melanin Kids Book Club believes that reading our children books that feature brown faces is very important.

African-American Curriculum Co-op

Homeschool savings co-ops are great places to meet other homeschoolers and save money on curriculum at the same time. African-American Curriculum Co-op will help you do both!

Black-Natural Homeschoolers

If you’re thinking about living a holistic, natural homeschooling lifestyle, Black-Natural Homeschoolers may be for you.

African-American Homeschool Network

African-American Homeschool Network is the largest Black homeschooling group I’ve found on Facebook. Its purpose is to empower families to homeschool their children with the support of a large network of other Black homeschooling families. It also helps parents with curriculum selection and starting their own local homeschool co-op.

Black Homeschool Families

Black Homeschool Families is an inclusive group was created to support all caregivers who currently (or intend to) homeschool Black or multiracial children.

African-American Unschoolers

If a child-led education is what you’re thinking of for your children, African-American Unschoolers may be a good fit.

Homeschooling Black Families

Homeschooling Black Families is for Black parents to share their experiences and ask questions in a community working together as home educating parents.

Black Homeschoolers Traveling Together

Are you a traveling Black homeschooling family looking to connect with other Black families doing the same? If so, definitely check out Black Homeschoolers Traveling Together!

African-American Homeschool Moms

African-American Homeschool Moms is a friendly group of Black moms who encourage and support each other on their homeschooling journeys. This group was created to bring together Black moms raising and homeschooling Black children.

African-American Homeschool Holistic Living

African-American Homeschool Holistic Living is for homeschoolers on a journey toward living a more holistic life.

African-American STEAM Club

If you’re a Black homeschooling family who loves everything STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math), you’ll find other Black families who love it, too, over at African-American STEAM Club.

Afrocentric Homeschool Association

Formed in 1996, Afrocentric Homeschool Association is for individual home-educated teens and homeschooling families who want to be part of an online community all about pro-Black, self-education.

Regular Ass Homeschoolers

From the Regular Ass Homeschoolers Facebook group description: “The original “Regular A** Homeschoolers” Group was created several years ago for people who struggle to fit into other homeschool groups for various reasons.”

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