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We asked experts how parents can navigate their children's needs and IEPs during virtual learning.

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Remote school learning has thrown many parents for a loop. However, for those who have children who require special education services, things may be trickier. How can you as a parent continue to support your child during these challenging times? How can you get a new IEP or services for an existing IEP during remote learning?

Moderator and early childhood learning specialist Renee Pena-Lopez spoke with panelists Jennifer Price, a special education attorney and author of Empowered Ed; Samantha Ever, a pediatric occupational therapist; and ShalomIsrael Diggs, an author, educator, and founder of early literacy program AlphaKey Club.

Renee, Jennifer, Samantha, and ShalomIsrael answer your questions and provide useful tips to ensure your child is properly supported throughout the school year. They discussed:

  • their individual roles and how that has changed in the time of the pandemic,
  • how to prep for virtual IEP meetings,
  • how to obtain an IEP during COVID,
  • how to support your child to prevent regression,
  • socialization during remote learning, and
  • support systems available for the student in school or the community

Some of the resources also mentioned in the video:

Resources Referenced In the Video a national resource for assistance with childcare, including students with special needs

300.517 Attorneys’ fees

 ChildCare Aware: for support in the home for New York State families with students with special needs:

Autism Little Learners

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Kiwi Co: a STEM subscription box for educated fun. 

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