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We take a peek inside this gorgeous Portland-based family's world, courtesy of the photographer mom's Instagram account.

Margaret Jacobsen makes the everyday moments of life—spending time with good friends, watching your children during their midday naps—look extraordinary. As a photographer, or as Margaret prefers to think of it, “one who captures moments,” this Portland-based mother of two has done an amazing job capturing her own creative and inspiring life on her Instagram account @Margejacobsen.


@pdxphoto made me look pretty cool in this shot

A photo posted by Margaret J. (@margejacobsen) on

Light, love, and creativity spill out from the images Margaret shares on Instagram. Each one appears to be a reflection of the photographer herself.


Sun hands. 2/3

A photo posted by Margaret J. (@margejacobsen) on

Margaret’s everyday moments become works of art. Using light and shadows she creates a beautiful photograph of her son, Beck, sleeping.


Shooting handbags today.

A photo posted by Margaret J. (@margejacobsen) on

Though she doesn’t readily admit it, Margaret is a professional photographer whose work consist of everything from Beyonce-themed photo shoots to fashion photography and family portraits.


I hope we always dance in stores

A photo posted by Margaret J. (@margejacobsen) on

We’re not just inspired by her professional photos but also her family life. We can’t get enough of all their silly spontaneous moments—it makes us want to laugh and dance right along with them!


“mom! You have to post this one! It’s the funniest” Riley girl after we took 10 selfies

A photo posted by Margaret J. (@margejacobsen) on

Riley and Margaret’s selfies usually involve singing, racing, and, apparently, lots of giggling!


It was so windy today! Sorry you didn’t make it into the picture @kevinhscholl ? #rileynbeck

A photo posted by Margaret J. (@margejacobsen) on

This family is so unique and everyone seems so comfortable and happy just being themselves.

Margaret’s photos of her children as well as her partner Leif are filled with pure joy.


Day no. 3 capturing some more b roll. A project by brushfirecreates + #OregonHumanities

A photo posted by Margaret J. (@margejacobsen) on

Along with friends who are also artists, Margaret recently launched a socially sustainable consulting agency. Brushfire Creative Partners grew from her desire to meet with fellow African-Americans and create. We’re super excited to watch the venture take off.


The best of the best. #rileynbeck

A photo posted by Margaret J. (@margejacobsen) on

You can almost hear the laughter! Make sure to follow @margejacobson for a peek into this fun and creative mom’s life.

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