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This is not how we were supposed to parent and definitely not the way we're supposed to work.

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Figuring out how to balance professional success and your newly appointed position as your child’s teacher as a result of virtual learning is anything but stress free!

There is no one-size-fits-all plan for this—but you can make this work for you and your family!

In mater mea’s event series Mama, AMA: Back to School, Shemeka Brathwaite, a peak performance strategist; Stepha Lafond, a success coach and mama mentor; and Tessa Jenkins, an experienced talent partner, diversity leader, and HR professional dive in and discuss different strategies to tackle this topic. These women provide awesome tips and tools that mamas can use to make sure that moms are able to navigate pandemic parenting and their professional careers.

The ladies discussed how to:

  • plan your time efficiently,
  • keep it real and discussing your challenges with your partner, higher-ups, friends, etc.,
  • prioritize motherhood and career
  • P.L.A.N. (Prepare, Leverage, Accommodation, Navigation),
  • look for and utilize the resources available to you,
  • open communication with your child’s teacher and school, and
  • practice restorative self-care.

If you take away one thing from this, it should be this: Ask yourself: Did I do my best? Did I show up? Give yourself grace and patience during this time.

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Resources: Free E-book by Shameka Brathwaite “Time Management Strategies for Working Moms”

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