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Too often, we tend to place value on material things. It’s time to give the things that keep us mentally, spiritually, and physically healthy.

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Candy, flowers, and jewelry are perfect gifts to show you some love and appreciation on Mother’s Day. But the most invaluable gifts are the ones you give yourself.

Let’s face it—motherhood is a tough job! For this Mother’s Day and beyond, make sure to treat yourself to these five priceless things—they’ll last a lot longer than a nice spa gift certificate.


A tender kiss, a warm hug, or your child saying, “Mommy, I love you” are special moments to embrace. By focusing on the present and living in the now, those sweet moments become even more precious and add joy to your life.


At times, forgiving others is hard. But what about forgiving yourself? Even a superwoman falls short at times. Embrace your imperfections. Each new day grants you another opportunity to correct the mistakes of the past, and make every day more special.


If there’s any truth to the saying “If mom is happy, everyone is happy,” then your happiness is vital to the well-being of your family. What makes you happy is as unique as a pair of shoes—there’s no one size fits all. Whether it’s a spa day, quiet time with your favorite music, or sipping a hot cup of herbal tea after a long day, find what makes you happy and do it!


If only motherhood came with an instruction manual… It’s a journey filled with trials, errors, and obstacles. Caring for others and making decisions for their well-being takes courage. Trust your instincts and let love guide your decisions and actions. It takes courage to persevere in the face of self-doubt. Embrace your awesomeness to overcome the challenges of motherhood. Be fearless!


As a caregiver and nurturer of others, it’s important to tend to your own well-being. Without self-care, it’s difficult to take care of your loved ones. Kindness to yourself is kindness to others. Be kind to yourself by taking time to rest, exercise, and eat well.

By focusing on your own well-being, you’re giving your loved ones a gift that’s also priceless: A healthy you!

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