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motherwork: intimacy + sex 

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Motherhood is often synonymous with sacrifice: You sacrifice your body, comfort, sleep, and time for your little ones. Sex is typically considered just one more thing you have to give up. But it doesn’t have to be. There can be space for intimacy and sex as a mom. In fact, there IS space for intimacy and sex as a mom.

What does it mean to be desired and feel desirable postpartum? How can you reconnect with your partner after that post-baby, six-week recovery period—or six years after that? This discussion aims to answer to those questions and more, and offer a few tips so your sex life doesn’t become just another sacrifice. Pleasure advocate Lidia Bonilla, sex therapist Chamin Ajjan, and therapist Melissa Ifill cover everything from new moms feeling all touched out to single moms looking to get back into dating.

Download workshop materials here.

Special thanks to LA-based education center on everything from periods to parenting LOOM for providing video support; New Women Space for providing the space to have this conversation; Mia Nicole, for providing a yummy spread; and Simple Syrup Wine and Spirits, for providing us with prosecco and cava.

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