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Nike has made it easier to keep your New Year's Resolution of working out more with this brilliant workout app.

With New Year’s resolutions still fresh in millions of minds, gyms around the country are experiencing an influx of new members. Unfortunately, would-be bodybuilders (and those just looking to drop a few pounds) are faced with the daunting prospects of daily treks to the gym, confusing workout regimens, and other inconveniences of getting into shape. It’s little wonder that so many people abandon their goal of becoming more physically fit before it truly begins.

With Nike+ Training Club, an app designed by the fitness apparel giant specifically for women, there’s no need to deal with the hassles of a yearlong contract to a sports club. The app (available for free on iOS and Android) takes the guesswork out of your workout. Its aerobic and resistance-based programs—centered around short bursts of specific exercise followed by brief rest periods—require barely any equipment, so they can be done from home affordably. Users can sync their music libraries with the workouts, and verbal instructions and video demonstrations (featuring sports stars such as Serena Williams and Gabby Douglas) introduce each technique.

Nike+ Training Club offers different workout choices depending upon the user’s personal goals—be they centered around building strength, burning fat, or becoming more fit overall—and has a social networking feature where users can share their workout information with connected friends and on social media. With such a high level of interactivity and the sheer amount of guidance offered, the only thing the Nike+ Training Club app is missing is a smoothie bar.


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