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This post by Avius Nicole is a part of a special series in partnership with Permission to Write called Mom/Me: An exploration of motherhood and beyond. This collection of poetry, essays, and visual media showcase the many facets of motherhood and our relationship to it. 

As Mother’s Day approaches, the commercial ads will not let us forget this monumental holiday. From the best gift to give mom or best ways to celebrate in a pandemic, there’s no shortage of ideas to glorify the number one woman in our lives. Three years ago, I would have been planning with my sister where we were taking mom and what gifts we were buying her,  having her here, I’m celebrating mom in a different way.

On Sunday, April 9, 2017, my mom gained her heavenly wings and although three years have passed, the shock of her death feels like yesterday. Losing my mom is the most painful experience of my young life. Every day is a reminder that she is no longer here on Earth, but looking down from heaven. So anticipating the emotions I know will pummel me this Mother’s Day, I’m meditating on ways I can honor Mom without her being here.

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