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We made a doula-guided pregnancy and postpartum platform for Black families, in partnership with Un-ruly and Gerber.

Oh, you’re pregnant? Congratulations, friend!

Whether you’re a first-time mom or a seasoned parent of four expecting your fifth, this pregnancy is a brand-new-to-you experience that needs to be celebrated. You’re bringing a new life into this world, and we’re so excited for you!

We bet there are so many things going through your mind in preparation for the baby’s arrival. Who will they look like? What should you put on the baby registry? How will their arrival affect life as you know it? Are you ready to give birth?

For Black women, that last question can be complicated. Bias in medicine can lead to, on one end of the spectrum, rude interactions that can sour your birth story, to life-threatening situations and even death.  

Sadly, Black women are three times more likely to die than white women from pregnancy- and childbirth-related complications, according to the CDC. Known as the Black maternal mortality crisis, it’s a tragedy of largely preventable deaths that has led to the United States having the highest maternal mortality rate amongst “industrialized nations,” the Century Foundation reports

Institutions have been slow to make any meaningful change to support birthing people. So we have to educate ourselves to have the kind of births we deserve. 

This can bring up a lot of new questions. (Like, “Ok, but exactly how am I supposed to have a safe delivery?”)

Luckily we have just the thing for you.

In Overdue, our series made in partnership with Un-ruly and Gerber, registered nurse and doula Ebony Harvey will walk you through all the things you need to know to have a healthy and informed pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum experience. Doulas are birthing professionals who provide emotional and physical support (yes, massages!) to birthing people. And they’ve been linked to better birth outcomes, according to the Journal of Perinatal Health.

So think of Ebony as your doula friend in your head! She’ll get you headed in the right direction for your pregnancy journey.

With each video (and accompanying blog post), you’ll feel even more ready to meet your baby—and prepared for what comes your way.

Watch the trailer for the series below and click any of the following links (pregnancy, birth, postpartum) to jump to a section that speaks to where you are right now—and where you’ll be in the weeks and months to come.

It’s time to get the resources and support you need to have the birth you deserve. Visit Overdue to learn how you can take control of your birthing journey

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