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It takes a lot of support to manage your busy life. These 12 apps can keep you on top of everything on your to-do list.

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What woman today couldn’t use a helping hand? From managing your finances to juggling schedules—we lead busy lives. Often there are a million and one things to do, with little time to do them, and keeping a household running like a well-oiled machine is no easy feat.

Thankfully help is just a tap or click away: Plenty of apps on smartphones, computers, and tablets are available to make life easier. No more forgetting appointments or losing important details you’ve jotted down on small pieces of paper. These apps can keep you organized and on top of all of your (and your family’s) activities.


1. Evernote: Got a brilliant idea or having a spark of inspiration? If you’re away from your computer or can’t find pen and paper, Evernote lets you snap pictures, record audio, and save the information. It syncs across all your devices, giving you access to the info whenever you need it.

2. Cozi: The perfect app for bringing order to your family’s everyday chaos. Cozi allows you to organize schedules, activities, and appointments. Your family can share the app, keeping everyone organized and in touch.

3. Pocket: Find something on the Internet, and want to read later? Well, put it in your Pocket. You can save articles, videos, and just about anything directly from your browser or other apps like Twitter with Pocket. And, the nice thing about Pocket is that your saves are on your phone, tablet, or computer—no internet connection needed.

4. Mailbox: This app lets you exercise the “out of sight, out of mind” credo on your inbox. Mailbox lets you designate when you want certain messages to reappear—later that day, over the weekend, or in a month—to help declutter your inbox.


5. Mint: Get a total picture of your financial health in one location. Mint allows you to pay bills, set up a budget, and manage your banking transactions.

6. Level Money: This handy app let’s you know how much money you can spend that day, that week, or that month based on your income, bills, and how much you’d like to save each month.

Food and Nutrition

7. Food on the Table: No more stressing over dinner! Create customized meal plans based on your cooking style and your family’s dietary requirements. Get the plans, along with grocery lists and sales, delivered directly to your phone.

8. Favado: Who doesn’t want to save money? Favado allows you to browse specific stores in your area for sales, and compare stores for the lowest prices on items you frequently buy.

9. Seamless: Sometimes you just don’t want to cook. This app brings up restaurants in your area that have delivery or pick-up options, bringing dinner to you with the tap of a button.

Fitness and Health

10. FitStar Personal Trainer: Created by former NFL player Tony Gonzalez, FitStar is like having a personal trainer without shelling out big bucks. Each workout is tailored to your personal goals and fitness level.

11. MyFitnessPal: Staying healthy has never been easier! MyFitnessPal tracks the foods you eat, your daily calorie intake and  calorie burn, making it easy to lose weight.

12. HealthTap: With HealthTap, the doctor is always on-call. Get instant access to personalized answers, news, and tips, from top American doctors. Prime subscribers have 24/7 access to doctors via video, voice, or chat.  

So if you need a little help in getting organized, or need help with your to-do-list, don’t panic—there’s an app for that!


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