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Staying boo’d up while locked down is hard, but these tips can help.

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In a weekly Zoom hangout series called , experts answer your questions about navigating life during a global pandemic. Here’s a recap of our latest one:

COVID-19 is putting a lot of pressure on all of us, causing tensions to appear in the parts of our lives that were easier to ignore when we weren’t locked down in our homes. One of those areas is relationships: I’m sure you’ve found yourself side eyeing your husband, wife, partner, coparent, or potential coronabae at some point since social distancing began.

That’s why we asked licensed marriage and family therapist Dr. Racine Henry of Sankofa Therapy and psychotherapist and relationship expert Rhonda Richards-Smith to offer their expert advice on how to navigate relationships during these strange and stressful times.

Rhonda and Racine explain:

  • How to process the stress and emotions we’re all feeling so that it doesn’t overwhelm you;
  • How to effectively communicate with our partners—and get space from them when we need it;
  • How to get couples counseling right now (and ways to encourage a reluctant partner to go);
  • How single moms can manage feelings of loneliness;
  • and more!

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(Note: The video’s sound cuts out at 44:31. Apologies for the abrupt end: There were technical difficulties.)

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