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Some of our favorite Black women on how they became mothers, wives, entrepreneurs, corporate ladder sprinters, & more.

Atlanta, Georgia

Denene Millner is a textbook example of what can happen when opportunity meets hustle. The journalist, author, and founder of Black parenting website MyBrownBaby explains how she went from newspapers and magazines to becoming your faves favorite ghostwriter.

Washington, D.C.

Motherhood was instantaneous and unexpected for pastor and theologian Theresa S. Thames; when her sister passed away in November 2011 on Thames’ 32nd birthday, she decided to raise her nephew as her own. But while she was adjusting to her new life as “TT Mommie,” an affectionately given nickname to describe her new role, Thames was hit again and again with two more tragedies. She tells mater mea how she found her way as a grieving and newly single working mom.

Brooklyn, NY

Many beauty aficionados are focused on turning back the clock or staying frozen in time, but Jodie Patterson, 45, is all about celebrating evolution and change. Patterson, the founder of Doobop, a brand that has become one of Oprah’s Favorite Things and mother of five children, ages 6 to 22, spoke with mater mea about what drives her: creating a new definition of beauty, supporting her family, and championing a cause that hits close to home: transgender rights.

London, England

Jessica Huie, MBE has founded two businesses—a PR firm and Color blind cards, the UK’s first multiethnic greeting card company—that have garnered a lot of attention and support. (Even the Queen of England is a fan!) Yet the 34-year-old entrepreneur and mom of two remains incredibly centered and down to earth. Her ability to stay humble is a result of some hard and unexpected lessons she learned at a young age. Huie tells mater mea how she found the strength and maturity to realize her potential after an emotionally taxing early pregnancy.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

While we imagine many people have been troubled by the rising number of Black people slain by police officers, it's safe to say that few are as anxious about the loss of life as Black mothers. Psychologist and photographer Elmeka Henderson's fears for her young son Chris—and her desire for experiences beyond their hometown of Philly—led her to decide on a life abroad in Tokyo. Henderson tells mater mea how the family of two landed in Japan and what it means to raise a carefree Black boy abroad.

San Francisco, CA

Angela Benton is one of the more well-known names in the ongoing struggle to bring more diversity to Silicon Valley's tech and startup worlds. She's helped minority entrepreneurs raise more than $17 million through her ventures, a fact that becomes all the more impressive when you consider that at 15, she was pregnant and facing a lot of judgment for deciding to keep her daughter. Benton tells mater mea why she has always followed her gut when it comes to parenting and entrepreneurship.