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In taking care of everyone in our lives, we often forget to take time to care for ourselves, Alex Elle writes. 

As women, we do it all, or at least we’re expected to, whether from internal or outside sources. We juggle babies and work and romance and the notion of being perfect all at once. Often our ability to be completely fantastic comes with little to no breaks in between—and rarely is there any celebration or expressions of gratitude for being extraordinary.

Despite occasionally being knocked down by life, we manage to get back up, exert our magic at home and work, and attempt to smile while doing it all even when things might, in all reality, suck exponentially. What is astounding to me—and makes me proud to be a woman—is our resilience: Even when we feel like we’re drowning, we find our way back to the surface, regardless of if we can swim or not.

One would think that we would be more valued for being magicians, but that’s not quite the case yet. We are still getting used to celebrating ourselves, and for good reason. In between life, love, and kids (if you have them), working hard, eating well, getting a good night’s rest, and being a tremendously hardworking and phenomenal woman, when do you make time for yourself? When do you relinquish control of having it all figured out in order to love on your being, your body, yourself?

The answer for so many of us has been “never,” but we must remember to take space and time to nurture ourselves through life. We deserve self-care and self-preservation. That means we must be mindful about when, where, and how often we show up for ourselves. It’s hard to remember us when we are so consumed with catering to others.

Some may read this and be ready to jump into their self-care practice right away, but might not be sure about how to bring it to fruition. No worries! Below are my top three ways to practice self-care daily, even when you are pressed for time. Feel free to start there and tweak anything listed to make it conducive to your life.

1. #ANOTE2SELF Affirmations (5 mins)

Love notes to yourself can instantly be a mood changer. We often forget to give ourselves praise, and it’s important that we do so more often to stay in tune with our emotions and feelings. This is one of my favorite exercises when I am feeling overwhelmed or a little blue. Here’s an example:

Dear Self,

Thank you for carrying me through the day! I appreciate your hard work and your ability to bend without breaking. I love, cherish, and appreciate you.



Something as simple as acknowledging yourself to yourself is extremely beneficial for any self-care and self-love practice. Place your reminder somewhere visible; I like to keep mine on a sticky note in my car or bathroom mirror. Writing and seeing my note can shift my entire mood and day for the better.

2. Morning Meditation (15 mins)

Before opening my eyes and getting out of bed, I like to spend at least 15 minutes giving thanks for another day, expressing gratitude to my body for making it through the night, and having an open conversation with God and myself. This time helps ground me and prepare me for the day ahead. When I do this, I don’t feel rushed or anxious to take on the tasks of the day. I’m left with a feeling of peace before rising. It has worked wonders for me, especially in moments where I’ve felt like not getting up.

3. Indulging in what you love (open ended)

To unwind from the day I like to indulge in things that I love. Whether it is a cup of tea with an extra teaspoon of honey or cuddling up in bed alone with a good Netflix show or a chocolate bar, I try to make a point to relax. It’s easy to keep running even when on empty. A major key (shout out to DJ Khaled) in self-care is unwinding and knowing when to pause, recharge, and take it easy.

Now, these are just a few ways to start your self-care practice as a phenomenal magical woman, but the possibilities are endless. We just have to remember that in the midst of our magic making and world saving, we need to be our best selves, and that means, taking care of us. Not from time to time, not occasionally, but daily.

This article is part of our Phenomenal Women series. Click here for more articles on phenomenal women.

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