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Problems between two, loving adults should be handled privately and not through Twitter or Facebook.

Keep your relationship happy—don't bring your social media followers into your love life! Photo credit: Bee Rogers

We all share bits and pieces of our personal lives on social media, but oversharing intimate details of your love life may not be a good idea! When it comes to love and relationships, it’s better to keep certain matters private and fight the temptation of sharing all the juicy details about your relationship.

While we all love seeing pics and reading tweets about your life’s special moments, we’d rather you not share these three relationship matters with us on social media:

Your Sex Life

If your partner is great in bed, you may want to keep this bit of information to yourself. What happens behind closed doors between you and your lover is sacred, and should stay private.

After a few nights of hot, steamy lovemaking, you might feel like posting a shout-out to your boo—but those sexy moments and memories belong to you and your partner, and not those who like or follow you. Shout them out in the real world at home, and not on our newsfeeds.

Love Spats

All relationships go through ups and downs. But to overcome those rocky periods, it’s best to work through the problems as a couple IRL—venting on social media isn’t the answer. Doing so might open the door to family, friends, and complete strangers offering needless advice and suggestions on handling your relationship. Also, your love spats might urge those close to you to take sides, which can make matters worse.

Before you tweet or post about your latest blow-up, think of how your significant other would feel if they learned that you blasted out the details on social media for the entire world to see. Or how you would feel if you saw them posting about you! Remember, social media is great for networking, communicating, and sharing, but it’s not the place for resolving issues in a relationship. 

Personal Finances

If you’re one of the many fortunate women who earns more than your significant other or spouse, consider yourself blessed. But even though your partner might seem ok with you making more money, they may not be cool with you telling everyone on social media.

Exposing their limited income potential could bruise their ego and cause a rift in your relationship.

Social media ain’t all bad! We get it—you want to share certain aspects of your life. But be careful; by sharing too much, you risk damaging the relationship you have.

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