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Experience art, family, and design through the eyes of this Miami, Florida-based mom’s Instagram.

Photos from Taj Hunter Waite's Instagram account.

Taj Hunter Waite’s business card may read “interior designer,” but this Miami mom of one has many more interests according to her Instagram account @allthingstaj. Following her on Instagram gives us a sense of her design taste and what’s most important to her—art, her family, and uplifting other women.


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A look at Taj’s Instagram account shows she’s all about creativity, strength, and love.


Still going … #baseling at @artafricamiami #artbasel #miami

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She often posts images that show amazing works of art in local Miami museums.


Art-Lover in Training! ? #MyPrince #HisMommyLovesArt #WeLoveToBasel @artafricamiami #artbasel #miami

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Taj supports nonprofit art programs like The Youth Art Exchange and Piano Slam. She also encourages an appreciation of the arts with her son.

Behind every amazing person is a strong support system. Taj’s own mother died from breast cancer when she was just 8 years old, and she was raised by her beloved grandmother. We like to think that’s part of the reason Taj is so vocal about women’s issues and supports initiatives like Born Free Africa, Trades of Hope, One Million Rising, and many other efforts committed to empowering women.

Women’s rights is another passion she shares with her son. What a great influence—this young man will one day grow up to be a socially conscious adult thanks to his amazing mother.

And she manages to fit in her work as an interior designer along with her many other loves.


#HappyFathersDay ?

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For more from this designer, wife, and mother be sure to follow her on Instagram @allthingstaj.

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