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Don’t you just hate when you work really, really hard for something, and then—WHOOSH—someone swoops in and takes it from you.

A second-grader named Taylor can relate: She goes to school every day, earns a perfect attendance pencil—the only one in her class to have one, mind you—only to have it stolen by a classmate who didn’t even earn it! Because “they were in CANADA!”

Thankfully her mom Tabitha shared this precocious kid’s thoughts on the whole distressing matter on Instagram, where it’s since gone viral across multiple platforms.

Taylor is not afraid to name names—her classmate Lizzie is the culprit in the Case of the Stolen Perfect Attendance Pencil.

“And then she was like, ‘It’s just a pencil,’” Taylor says in a sing-songy tone. “I was like, ‘It’s my perfect attendance pencil!’”

As of publishing, the cutie has still not gotten her perfect attendance pencil back.

Here’s hoping Miss Taylor does get her perfect attendance pencil back and everything she ever wants, because this little girl deserves all the things!

Also, keep an eye out for her—we’re pretty sure she’s going to be running things when she grows up!


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