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The Parenting Decolonized Conference teaches Black parents to be more intentional and conscious with their children.

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“Parenting is hard,” says Yolanda Williams, founder of Parenting Decolonized. “Parenting while Black is even harder. Black parents right now are on the struggle bus, out of gas, running on fumes, tires balding, with the check engine light on.”

This is why Yolanda created a virtual conference focusing on radical parenting in the face of ‘rona and racism. From January 15-17, the Parenting Decolonized Conference is focused on teaching parents how to be more intentional and conscious amidst the chaos of present societal realities —as well as everyday life—in order to raise liberated children. If you’re looking for “the right tools, a road map, and a safe gathering space” on your intentional parenting journey, this conference is a great place to get started.

The conference is centered on three pillars: learn your triggers, stop yelling and spanking, and manage your stress. There’ll also be a conversation around reimagining education, with speakers discussing unschooling, homeschooling, and the evolution of public education. Speakers will be taking questions during their presentations, and the event will feature interactive group coaching workshops so parents can receive hands-on support in real time.

While general admission is free, there are different tiers that provide more access to support parents looking for mindful parenting support. 

VIP Passes are available for only $25 and include live and pre-recorded sessions, live group coaching workshops, access to conference recordings for six months, and two raffle tickets for conference prizes.

For an additional $25, you can get an All-Access Pass, which includes everything that comes with a VIP Pass plus:

  • access to conscious parenting workbooks, checklists, and e-books 
  • promo codes from the speakers to help you stay conscious long after the conference is over
  • an additional raffle ticket for conference prizes

You can find the passes below the host information, speaker lineup, and conference schedule. 

Speakers include Akilah Richards, founder of “Fare of the Free Child” podcast and author of Raising Free People: Unschooling as Liberation and Healing Work; Dani McClain, contributing writer at The Nation and author of We Live For The We: The Political Power of Black Motherhood, and Trina Greene-Brown, host of the “Parenting for Liberation” podcast and author of Parenting for Liberation: A Guide for Raising Black Children.

“In an effort to protect our children, some of us resort to oppressive parenting and educational practices,” Yolanda says. This conference is an effort to begin “changing the narratives prevalent in many Black families to one that is empathetic and compassionate.” 

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