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Self-care and mindfulness matters more now than ever.

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In a weekly Zoom hangout series called , experts answer your questions about navigating life during a global pandemic. Here’s a recap of our latest one:

“You can’t pour from an empty cup.”⁠⠀
It’s something you hear all the time about being a mom—and something that came up a lot during last week’s Moms’ Night In with accountability coach Tori Alamaze and licensed clinical psychologist Dr. Patrice Berry. (You can watch the replay !)⁠⠀
This week we talked more about how to address stress, anxiety, and other mental health concerns with licensed marriage and family therapists Deitra Baker (@theteachingwife on Instagram) and Brittani Strozier (@groundedhues).⁠⠀
We’re trying to get you to feel so full, your cup runneth over!

We talked to Deitra and Brittani about:

  • how to manage the isolation of being the only parent,
  • how to find support while socially distancing,
  • age-appropriate activities to occupy kids so you can take care of yourself,
  • finding our sense of worth outside of work,
  • how to effectively communicate with our partners,
  • how to squash mom guilt, shame, and negative self-talk,
  • modeling the behavior we want to see in our children,
  • and more!

Watch below and sign up for an upcoming Moms’ Night In event !

(Note: There are moments where the video freezes—press your arrow keys to fast forward a few seconds to when the video picks back up.)

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