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What kind of mom are you? Your zodiac sign may hold the answer, according to this guest post.

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In most cases, it takes a lot of trial and error to figure out your parenting style.

But by studying your zodiac sign, you can get an understanding of your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to raising your family.

Whether you love to read your horoscope every morning or only check it occasionally, your zodiac sign can be a fun and useful tool for navigating your life. Check out this guide from FTD on what your zodiac sign says about your mom-ing style!

zodiac-mom-style-aries-min.jpg zodiac-mom-style-taurus-min.jpg zodiac-mom-style-gemini-min.jpg zodiac-mom-style-cancer-min.jpg zodiac-mom-style-leo-min.jpg zodiac-mom-style-virgo-min.jpg zodiac-mom-style-libra-min.jpg zodiac-mom-style-scorpio-min.jpg zodiac-mom-style-saggitarius-min.jpg zodiac-mom-style-capricorn-min.jpg zodiac-mom-style-aquarius-min.jpg zodiac-mom-style-pisces-min.jpg

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