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Not all mothers feel represented and celebrated during Mother's Day. One organization wants to change that one greeting card at a time.

Illustration credit: Molly Crabapple

As we head towards Mother’s Day, our local drugstore aisles are filled with cookie-cutter greeting cards that don’t represent the beautiful diversity of our families. The image of mothers that is widely celebrated excludes far too many mamas, especially black mothers, based on their sexual orientation, class, immigration status, and more. It’s both frustrating and isolating to feel like your family is not recognized or respected.

“Society tells us that single mamas did something wrong, should be pitied, and that their kids are missing out by not having ‘male role-models.’ I want to tell my own single mother and other mamas that they are enough—for their kids, for society, for the world,” says Alicia Walters, the movement building director of Forward Together.

That’s why Strong Families started Mama’s Day four years ago—to show love to those left out of this holiday with art that both brightens and reflects our diversity. An exciting array of artists have created unique cards representing all types of families too often left out of Mother’s Day celebrations.

Make a beautiful—and free—Mama’s Day card online to celebrate a mama who has made a difference in your life today!

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