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There's nothing like the first time—especially when you finally get to see your baby after delivering them into the world. mater mea fans share their memories.

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My first words were, “Wow! She has so much hair!” lol, when my hubby brought her to me, while I was having a c-section. Well, it’s over a year later, and she REALLY has a lot of hair now! 🙂 No, but I was just amazed at how beautiful she was! I couldn’t get over the miracle of growing a gorgeous, tiny little person inside of my body, then finally getting to see her in real life! It was an amazing moment!  —Ashani Mfuko pictured with her daughter Zuri


When I saw my daughter I said, “Wow, she’s beautiful,” then I cried! When I had my twins one was sick so I only saw one and I just cried! Then when I saw the other twin—he was on his way to be transported to another hospital—I cried and told him I loved him! —greeneyedladycarissa


When I first saw my daughter a month ago I just kept thinking how amazing it was that she was here in the world. She was just so beautiful and her eyes were so bright, I was so in love. —nailahblades 


I was overwhelmed with joy seeing my son Zion for the first time. I decided to sing happy birthday to him & it was definitely a precious moment worth waiting for; since I felt like I had been pregnant all of 2014 lol! When my doctor handed him to me, his little body fit perfectly in my arms & it literally felt like time stopped. —lukeflyycouture


I had my first daughter three years ago via c-section prematurely due to preeclampsia and thank God she’s a very healthy and smart little girl today. I just had my second daughter [two months] ago for the same medical reason, and I felt exactly the same as I did with my first born: in love and very emotional to finally see the angel God blessed me with after waiting for so long. —ladybugandbellasmom27


I had a very hard labor getting my son into the world. Forty-eight hours of labor then emergency c-section. My first thought was “that wasn’t how I wanted to bring you into this world, but I am so glad you are here.” Later as i processed, it was overwhelming to know at a different time and place we would have been a part of the many women and children that died in childbirth. But here we are, happy and healthy and together! —simplyjessie


The first thing I felt when I saw my son Orion was: This is my purpose. I was put on earth to be his mother—which ultimately inspires me to be the best wife, friend, daughter and Julee I can be. Motherhood is simply magical. —Julee Wilson



It was pure awe and amazement. My initial thoughts were, “Wow! He’s really here.” My only hope was for his good health. Admittedly, parts of me dreaded the idea of having to share him with the rest of the world. —mybeautifulcocoon


Laughter came first, upon hearing her delivered cry—a wail so healthy and strong, everyone in the main OR cheered. And I laughed right there on the table. Love and relief bloomed inside of me (and wonder at when she was gonna get some color). You see, at 28 weeks, I had been diagnosed with having a possible accreta, a life-threatening condition where the placenta won’t deliver because of an abnormal attachment to the uterus. As a result I was scheduled to deliver a month early. I didn’t know what was to come; scary thoughts lingered. Should I write my baby a letter in case things didn’t work out? Then came that beautiful wail. My baby was okay and, as it turned out, so was I. —karengoodmarable


Firat thought: major relief baby is fine and well. Then I looked down and thought, all that baby was in my tummy? Lol. I was immediately protective and started nursing, but the wave of love and ‘this is my baby’ emotions came later. —bforbetula

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