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This Brooklyn, New York mom captures the humor of being a pregnant and keeping up with a toddler one Instagram post at a time. 

We love Instagram. The photo-sharing platform is probably the most used app on our phones. We love posting photos and words of wisdom from our interviews, giving behind the scenes looks of the site, and sharing precious family photos from our followers with the hashtag, #mmfanpics. (You can follow us on Instagram @matermea.)

But what we love most is seeing women from all over the country and world share their experiences in such a visual way. That’s why we’re starting a new series, Instagram Mom of the Week, that puts a spotlight on some of these amazing women. Meet our newest Instagram Mom, Melissa (@fabhautemama).


If there’s one thing we’ve learned from our interviews, it’s that being a mother can test your patience. But having a good sense of humor can make the more trying moments—like your toddler crawling out of their crib in the middle of the night—hilarious rather than hysteria-inducing.

And from what we can tell, Melissa has a great sense of humor. Every one of her posts has a comment that makes us crack a smile. 


Happy New Year from us (including the nose!) ? #2015 #MaternityStyle

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Along with being hilarious, Melissa also runs a blog called Fab Haute Mama, where she writes about motherhood, beauty, fitness, and food with the same candid flair as you see on her Instagram account.


Just me & my babies ❤️

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The Brooklyn, New York-based mom to 2-year-old Zöe and stepmom to 8-year-old Yara is six-months pregnant, and her bump makes some very sweet (and fashionable) appearances.


Yara & Zoë enjoyed the sights and sounds of @bcmkids #bloggerbabies #BrooklynKids @rattlesandheels we had a ball!

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Melissa brings her daughter and step-daughter to many cultural events, which makes for some adorable photo ops.

Little Z, as she’s known by family and friends, is behind some pretty funny moments and hashtag usage. We can relate to many of her #ToddlerProblems


When the artist becomes the art. #Zoe #ToddlerLife #mommymoments #VSCOcam

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Melissa doesn’t hide from the mess that often comes with having a toddler; she embraces it in a way that’s easy to relate to.


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