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We have a new look and a new drive.

If you’re a long-time visitor to, you’ve probably noticed the site looks a little (ok, a lot) different than usual. (And if you’re new here, welcome!)

The new look and feel reflects what we hope mater mea has always been to you: down-to-earth, loving, and accessible. But this is more than a visual facelift—it’s a realignment. A doubling down on what we do well and a stake in the ground in those areas we want to grow.

In revamping the site, I, as the site’s founder, really had to figure out who the site is for.

When I started the site in 2012, I said mater mea was for moms of color. But soon after, I said—with my whole entire chest—that it was a space specifically created for capital B Black moms. The site was originally an online magazine, profiling Black women I admired and talking about their career and motherhood journeys. (These profiles are called Role Mamas now, and can be found here.)

And that’s still the case. mater mea will always speak to Black mothers first and foremost. But over the 8+ years I’ve been hearing and sharing our stories, I realized it was deeper than that.

mater mea is for the Black mom and gender nonconforming parent who wants to end the cycle of generational trauma by parenting their kids more intentionally. They’re doing the hard work of healing their inner child while raising their children differently from how they were raised. And did I mention they’re doing all of that and showing up fully in all the other roles they have as employees, entrepreneurs, partners, and human beings?

Because they are.

We’re still going to be “Black mom Google” and answer your questions about parenting, life, and career. But we also want to be a place where you feel supported. Specifically in the kind of intentional parenting that unfortunately more often than not we hear isn’t for us.

Along with the community we’ve built together on our Instagram page, there will be more opportunities to connect with likeminded Black moms and parents through our upcoming paid membership offering. (Sign up to stay in the loop!)

So welcome to the new mater mea! I’m so glad to have you here and for us to grow together. Tell me what you think about the new site and focus by DMing me over @matermea on Instagram or by sending an email to


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Tomi Akitunde is the founder of mater mea.


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