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You could be featured in future videos on motherhood and work-life balance!

Photo credit: Sarah Hebenstreit of Modern Kids Co.

mater mea was founded in 2012 to fill a void in media representations of Black women. I knew there were Black women who were dealing with the same work-life balance concerns only white women were depicted as having. And for close to four years, we’ve been sharing those stories through beautifully told and photographed profiles and interviews, that kept it real about that motherhood and career juggle of women like poet Staceyann Chin, natural hair care entrepreneurs Karen Tappin and Jamyla Bennu, lawyer LaShann DeArcy Hall and more.

These stories still need to be seen, but this year we’re making the leap from text and photos to video. We’ve recently partnered with independent creative Sekiya Dorsett and larger outlets like HuffPost Parents to create videos about the issues that matter most to our audience! 

But to make these videos a reality, we need a list of women we can reach out to for casting in the New York City area. (Right now we’re focusing on NYC because that’s where we’re based, but hopefully we’ll be able to spread to other major cities.)

Help us make more videos like this…

…by filling out this form! (Or, if you’re not quite ready for your close up, share it with a friend—or two—who would like to participate!)

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