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We want to feature you and your business in a new mater mea series!

We all know this, but it bears repeating for the people in the back: Black women are the fastest-growing group of entrepreneurs in America. That’s right, and we’re doing it in spite of the considerable systemic barriers to our growth potential.

Last month I wrote an article for The New York Times about the newest version of the buying Black movement, and got to connect with quite a few Black women who, along with running successful businesses, are also active and present mothers.

And it makes sense: Many women start their own businesses because of their families. Partake Foods founder Denise Woodard created her allergy-free cookie line after her daughter Vivienne was diagnosed with severe food allergies. And doula, author, and maternal health expert Latham Thomas founded Mama Glow after having a hard time finding holistic resources for her pregnancy and delivery.

“I have him to thank for everything that I do,” Latham told mater mea. “If it weren’t for the birth, and the timing of the birth, who knows how the path would have unfolded?”

So—with all of this in mind—it makes sense that mater mea’s newest series Black Moms Running Things will focus on Black mom-owned businesses. Starting in March 2020, mater mea will be featuring more companies that are owned and operated by Black mothers. I want to put names and faces to the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs, and hear the stories behind their companies.

If you’re a Black mom who owns a business and would like to be considered for a feature, you can fill out our intake form either here or at this .

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