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Motherhood is amazing, but it’s also a tough 24-hour, seven days a week job. Learn how to find balance while caring for the ones you love most with these four tips.

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From delivering kisses and cuddles to packing lunch and acting as a chauffeur, a mother’s love is never-ending. Add a demanding career and, for some, a limited support system, and a mom’s love can feel as though it’s being spread thin.

How can moms find balance and continue to care for the ones they cherish most while also creating time and space to nurture themselves?

By facing this stone-cold reality: If you don’t take care of yourself first, you have less to give to your loved ones. This doesn’t mean dismissing those sweet moments with your kids, but it does mean that ignoring your own needs for the needs of others has to come to an end.

Nurturing oneself sounds really nice and Zen, but how does that translate into the reality of everyday life? What steps can you take to ensure that you feel replenished throughout your busy days?

Check in with yourself throughout the day. Checking in helps ensure that you’re feeling centered, self-assured, and in the right frame of mind to make the important decisions mothers make on a day-to-day basis at home and at work.

Take care of your body. Loving your body is essential to loving yourself. Try as much as possible to get some sleep. Getting sufficient sleep helps your body regenerate itself and also improves concentration, memory, and focus. A clear mind can mean a lot when you’re trying to balance a busy schedule. Diet and regular exercise don’t hurt either (well, maybe a little, but the payoffs are pretty amazing).

Disconnect from your mobile devices and social media. Mobile devices can be a gift and a curse. Using them to manage and schedule appointments, pick-up times, and the like can make the difference between a smooth day and a hectic one. The challenge is withdrawing from emails and social media when it’s time to wind down after a long day.

Take that time, whether it be 15 minutes or an hour, to relax. Using that time for journaling, meditating, praying, or even doodling can have a huge impact; having downtime can create mental and emotional distance from daily duties. Quality alone time for most mothers is hard to come by, but diligently carving time out can make a world of a difference!

Ask for help. Asking for support from family, friends, and employers can help reduce stress. Sometimes the biggest challenge is doing the asking, but remember: No one can do it alone. Moms may be surprised by how many people are willing and able to provide a helping hand. That applies to work, too; asking employers for flexibility surrounding scheduling isn’t out of the question. Mothers who advocate for themselves in the workplace make life easier for themselves, their families, and other mothers as well.

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