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Books preparing not-so little ones for weaning are few and far between. That’s why these moms created one inspired by their weaning journeys.

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Breastfeeding is a very special and intimate experience between mother and child. But if you’re at the tailend of that journey, you’re probably wondering, How will my child handle weaning? How do I know when it’s truly right for us to stop breastfeeding?

I remember how sad I felt when I weaned my then 15-month-old son from my breast. Our journey ended abruptly with purple cabbage leaves and new distractions during his former nursing time. 

I didn’t have the words to explain what was happening to him then. Thankfully, Nikki Osei-Barrett and Cyana Riley wrote a book for weaning moms and little ones in mind. 

Boobies Go Bye-Bye: A Weaning Story draws from the authors’ experiences with extended breastfeeding

Book Review

Told from the perspective of Mama, the story captures her range of emotions as she realizes her baby is growing and that their breastfeeding journey is ending. 

Mama looked down at Fancy Faye, 

And she felt sad, it’s true.

Her baby had grown so very much.

Mama knew what she had to do.

Sad but determined, Mama is every weaning parent as she consoles her daughter Fancy Faye, who doesn’t quite understand why “it’s time for boobies to go bye-bye.”

But thanks to Mama’s love and support, Fancy Faye continues to grow and have a special bond with Mama.

Boobies Go Bye-Bye was inspired by the authors’ own experiences with weaning their children.

Boobies Go Bye Bye Authors
Authors Nikki Osei-Barrett and Cyana Riley.

Boobies Go Bye-Bye is the book I wish I had when I was weaning my children,” Cyana explains in a press release.

While this story targets young ones with its cute rhyming phrases, showing Mama’s mixed emotions serve as a reminder that this journey affects both parent and child. 

May “It’s time for boobies to go bye-bye” serve as a comforting mantra for you and your little one. (And a special shout out to every mama who has experienced and/or made it through breastfeeding problems like awkward latches, sore nipples, gnawing baby gums, and painful mastitis.) 

Be sure to pick up a copy of this book on Amazon and good luck on your own weaning journey!

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