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The mom and beauty editor shows off the rewards of willpower in her inspirational Instagram account.

One word comes to mind when scrolling through Jenell B. Stewart’s photos on Instagram: motivation. If her dramatic weight loss pics and quick tip videos don’t motivate you to tackle your weight loss goals, we don’t know what will. Jenell is a devoted mother of two who reminds us that in order to take great care of those little ones, we must first take good care of ourselves. 


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Jenell is a dynamo, sharing her motherhood, health, and beauty across three Instagram accounts.


Happy Birthday Elle! #happybirthday #myladybugElle #hubby #mymunchkinJJ #JenellBStewart

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She has a beautiful family and their moments together are super sweet.


In the beginning of your new journey it’s easy to lose focus. Long days at work. Not enough sleep. Stress from home. Hunger. Relationship drama. Financial stress and more can make it challenging to meet your goals. You have to overcome it all and work hard. You can have results or excuses not both. In Sept I finally got it together and decided that I was going to the gym 5 days a week, M-F, NO MATTER WHAT! I’ve never missed a day since then, I workout on vacations, early mornings with the kids, late evenings if I couldn’t go in the morning, when it’s freezing, when I’m exhausted. I don’t miss a workout. No excuse. #BeforeandAfter: July in New Orleans while working during Essence Fest, about 240lbs. Dec at home, selfie before a meeting, about 199lbs. I’m 5’5″. #healthyJenell #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fitfam #weightloss #diet #exercise #liftweights #beastmode #workout #eatclean #health #healthy #resolutions

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Showing off how her no excuses attitude has helped her lose weight, Jenell regularly talks about ways to stay consistent with fitness goals based on her own experience.


Elle is giving editing notes. Fun fact: some of my videos take days to edit. Everyone loves tutorials. They usually take the longest. If I sat and edited all the footage in one tutorial with minimal breaks it could take 12 hours depending on how involved they are. Add in the fact that I have an online website that I manage, 12 social media accounts that make up a strong part of my brand, oh and let’s not forget — my 2 babies, my hubby, a home, and myself… I spread the editing up over a few days to allow for everything else. In the end it all comes down to balance and organization. Elle and JJ are always around while I work. But I keep them on a tight schedule and this allows for everything to get done. Proper planning prevents poor performance. #JenellBStewart

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That work-life balance struggle is real, and Jenell explains how she makes it work in an accessible way that all women can tuck away for future use.


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She’s just as excited to participate in her children’s activities as her own! 

We’re huge fans of Jenell’s hair (her twist outs? Yes, please!), but we would be lying if we didn’t say her daughter Elle didn’t give us bouts of hair envy as well. Jenell shares her hair regimen and the products she uses for both her and her daughter regularly. 


Meal Prep! For me, when it comes to meal prepping I focus on lunch. Lunch is the one meal that I can really go astray because my metabolism is on turbo after my morning workouts. Here I’m prepping my turkey pitas. I dress the bread with hummus (instead of mustard, mayo or country crock?). Half slice cheese in both sides of pita, 3 slices Turkey in both sides, red onions in each and spring mix. I don’t prep the sides but my side options are usually handful of Sunburst Tomatoes and a handful of Garden Veggie Straws with 32oz of water. ________________________________ SAMPLE DAILY MEAL PLAN (taken from one day this week) 6amBREAKFAST- 1cup Life Cereal w/1% milk. Water. 7:30amWORKOUT- 30 min session with personal trainer. 20 min additional weight training on my own. 9am SNACK: boiled egg, banana, Graham Cracker with peanut butter 32oz water (yes I had this all at once) 12:30pmLUNCH- this meal (turkey pita) 3pmSNACK – 1 Weight Watchers Carrot Cake. 32oz water 6pmDINNER – Cabbage, chicken, 1cup rice 32oz water. 8pmSNACK – Kombucha green tea #healthyJenell #mealplan #healthy #eatclean #diet #exercise

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There are a lot of great takeaways for a healthy lifestyle on her accounts. Jenell’s know-how has landed her on Dr. Oz’s “Beauty and Brains” segment!


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To get a quick burst of get up and go, health and fitness tips as well as beauty advice follow Jenell on her on her Instagram accounts, @healthyjenell@jenellbstewart, and @blakizbeautyful.

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